25,000 Big Macs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cabana, May 18, 2011.

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  1. So he knew how much to pay at the end of his meal!
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  2. He's pretty sad for checking off each one he's eaten.
    But he's hardly chubster material.
    Good luck on him for 'slipping through the barrier' !!
    (btw- I hate the things. they taste shite)
  3. He may not be fat, but he looks like a cross between John Lennon and a mong.
  4. And?

    I'd rather look like an ancient BeeGee then wheeze like a bedding storeman on a BFT....
  5. I aspire to visiting the "Heart Attack Grill" in Arizona, where the obese eat free and they guarantee their milkshakes are the fattiest in the world.

    Heart Attack Grill - Wiki
  6. I'd rather be neither and if I had to look like a wizened mongy pop star, I would get a decent hair cut.
  7. Excellent..
  8. Can't argue with that..and i'd bet an Alan Whicker that the Storeman wouldn't pay top dollar for a pudding bowl trim !!
  9. So what, my OC must be on his 50,000 pie. The fat useless twat.
  10. McDonalds are only good for one thing - FIRE BOMBING
  11. I agree, KFC needs it as well. Burger King however is great.
  12. Must be RLC :)
  13. So, quite a new story then.

  14. Well, its only taken him 7 years to eat 5000 burgers.