24th Airportable Bde and Signal Sqn (NI)

Hi. don't know if anyone can help or if this is the right area to post? I have a 1969 lightweight land rover and spent 5 years restoring it. (does not answer back but bites me occasionally.) I have the vech record from Deepcut and gather it spent most of its life with the 24th Airportable Bde and Signal Sqn (Northern Ireland) from 1970 - 76. People often ask about it so I am researching what the regiment may have been doing then, and any other stories / anicdotes / how good or bad they were in service. Any help / info appreciated, were you there? thanks.KC.

a wiki on it.


an arrsepedia on it.

210 didn't spend AL of that time in NI. So I am puzzled as to why the Landy would have done!!!

In fact it wasn't even Airmobile in them days.
Young Will was 8 Flt AAC in 69.
We had the Spearhead detachment of 24 Inf 2 Sioux and they where prepared to go with 3 LI (I think) when the entire Brigade was deployed in mid August 69.
I thought the Signal Sqn returned with us mid Feb 70.

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