24hr A&E

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Seems like a good program which gives a good account of what is going on in our A&E's and why you and I have to wait so long to be seen.

    At least the hard working staff there aren't going to have their pay and pensions fiddled with whilst some of their chav customers are still wealthy enough to fund their drink and drug habits hey?

    24 Hours in A&E - 4oD - Channel 4
  2. DON'T start me! :) Last night had a young lad whining, whinging and bleating on and on about how all he needed was a new inhaler! As I said while watching a) go to your GP YOU TIT! and b) if you've got enough breath to moan as much as you are, then I'm fairly confident that asthma induced death is NOT imminent! ******!
  3. The vast majority of people I know have visited A&E a handful of times in their life, but the system is abused by people who routinely injure themselves or can't be arrsed with booking a doctors appointment.

    Though it's political dynamite and will never happen, I'm in favour of the NHS charging a small admin fee for service. Cheap enough that it's affordable for all who need it and certainly not so high that somebody with a genuine emergency would decide not to go - but charged at a high enough rate to keep attention seekers and queue jumpers away.
  4. That bit gripped me as well, he obviously did not not understand the concept of A&E ( apparently like a large percentage of the population). He didn't get the irony of him having to wait.
    When I was telling my daughter about it, and suggesting he visit his GP, she said " Yes but then he'd probably have to pay".
  5. I thought it was a good ending with the Porter from Jamaica saying that the black kids worst enemy are black kids and he's seen more bother there than in Jamaica, if a white porter had said that you could just imagine the racism claims being thrown at Channel 4.
    Horrible little bastards were trying to have a gang fight in the Hospital. Shoot the lot of 'em I say.
  6. I saw that bit, and he pretty much summed it up perfectly, with no political stance or bias.

    The other little white porter was a bit weird, and was a chef in the forces.