249 Sig Sqn (FARELF)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SNLR86, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Any old Singapore hands out there, in particular from 1965-68...?
  2. Great site there Chodmeister. Found a few names that I served with. Unfortunately no contacts, but will keep trying.

    Enjoy the re-union. Good luck.
  3. Basso,

    Have you made yourself known to the guys who run the site under your real name? They can put your request for contacts on the news page. PM me if you like.

    I wont be at the reunion as I work abroad in a hot dusty palce and will not be on rotation.
  4. Benidorm is it? :twisted:
  5. Close but no cigar, we have one hell of a beach but it's a 2 week walk to the sea....lol
  6. :) ....stay safe.
  7. Thank you old son, I have PM'd you. Good luck with whatever you are up to and God speed.
  8. My dad was out there sometime around that era with the Navy always tells stories of a Royal Signals RSM who was also the GSM in Singapore whose first name was Dennis and how he and the rest of the navy lads used make his life hell