249 Sig Sqn AMF(L) 'Old and Bald' Reunion. 18 May at 19:00 until 20 May at 22:00.

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by 1BarnyRubble, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Where? - BIRMINGHAM so its central for the northern and southern lads.
    A meeting of Arctic warriors. Old and Bald and some still serving, (but still old and bald) lol.
    A get together of those who have endured extreme temperatures and survived to tell the tale. A brotherhood that will never be broken!
    249 - an awesome unit. If you're an ex 249'er and you haven't heard about this gathering of fine men, let me know and ill put you in the picture.
    Crap belts allowed lol. If you want to invite more then that's fine.

    Time to party.
  2. Just a suggestion Barny. If you want to attract some of us old and bold, you may want to cut down on the "lols" in your post. Time to Party? It sounds to me like you are inviting us to a rave and that is definitely not something I would consider! :)
    (ex 249).
  3. No mate, it ain't a rave, and I was in a cracking mood writing the description out hence the lol's. Didn't know it was a crime to chuckle away pal?

    And besides, there are 175 people invited to this do so far with service spanning back to the early 80's so if I get no joy from this thread I'm not too fused.

    What year did you leave slipperman?
  4. PM sent mate

  5. It's probably my age. No offence intended Barny and it sounds like a grand gathering. I left the Army last year and was at 249 during the period 98-00. Some great times, but, at the end of it all, the AMF (L) was nothing but a "flag-waving" politicised irrevalence, in my opinion. As ever, the boys just got on with it professionally, did the business and ignored all the sheer ineptitude of most of the other nations involved! Have a great one.
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

  7. I was there during the early nineties.

    Yes, there was a small core of professional blokes at the squadron but there was also a lot of bluffing wasters.

    The "pinching the hotel owner's wifes x-country skies and strapping them to your own military vehicle incident" springs to mind when we were using the Stalheim hotel as a base.

    The drug use going on between a number of siggies and JNCOs was also an eye opener.

    In short the unit was shite and thrived only on its undeserved good reputation of "Arctic Warriors" and "the stable belt".
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  8. You going to the reunion then Badger Heed? :)
  9. I certainly am, I've got a set of X country skies and an ounce of Morrocan Black I need to shift.
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  10. Did my pre Norway training at Bulford with 249, I vaguely remember wearing the arctic socks as a kind of putee over the ski march boot, walking around with big **** off white leg warmers over your boots.
  11. Ooohhh, the memories and of course, the obligatory piss taking by the other Bulford based units (non AMF) about our square toed clown boots.
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  12. I'm new to this forum and its the first time I've ever bothered contributed to one. Thanks for your input anyhow, even if some of you just seem to want to tear the squadrons reputation to bits.
  13. Chill out Barny, as an ex-Squaddie you must have spotted most of it is banter, rather than tearing the unit to bits. I have to agree with Badger Heed though. The reputation of the unit was very much in it's own mind. Tabbing everywhere around Bulford trying to compete with 264 when the unit had no real, concrete role was embarrassing in my opinion. I had an enjoyable time with 249 and travelled around a bit more than I usually did, but that was about it. I witnessed the lads spending weeks at a time in either a cold or hot climate, never switching a radio on and remaining static on an airfield or similar. Most of the time it was a social and sports club. Not a bad thing for a few exercises to be honest, but after a while, I was bored out of my tree. Fred Karno's Circus more than front line.

    Anyhow, enough of that. I hope you have a great time at the reunion and well done for having the enthusiasm to pull it all together.
  14. Calm down Barney!

    I'm sure in the next few decades your grandkids will be in awe of your downhill banzai photos in Voss and be dumbstruck whilst fondling your white woolen wristlets.

    Let it go man, the Sqn is history and history is in the past...........
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  15. No worries, I know it wasn't without its faults. I just wish I could get hold of Gunny George, he must be in his late 50's now so I'm gonna bully him for a change and get him in a deadlock lol.