While talking to my RSM the other day we both agreed that just because 249 disbanded this was no reason to stop having a reunion bash now & again. There are quite a few of us based at Bramcote just now and given that the Badge is ex 249 we are in the ideal situation to put something on in the mess. We realise it wouldn't be the same as holding a function in Bulford, however being in the Midlands might encourage a few more pers to actually attend this time, seeing as the last one was pretty crap. So, tell us what you think, any interest or should we just let it die off.
i'll go (provided eveyrone sits in their respective clicks)

pull up a snowdrift and swing the candle...

might even bring my brother!

*wonder if i can run the bar........?

Aliquid aliquo... i think it is
i was out on the hoy in southend on sea with my brother when we bumped into heed! o how i wish we had avoided him... he was hammered and proceeded to get up and dance in some pub with some stunners and start waving a condom at them! :?
i just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me,
i think our jono felt the same!
we snook off for a slash never to return :wink:
Arctic warriors? the real arctic warriors were @ 244 under the mad major (we're tabbing while the crabs are nappin)

bring back the red hand gang! :lol:
ArcticWarrior said:
Good idea,i know a couple of lads from 97-2000 would be interested.......

:lol: anyone remember "Heed"?
I was at 19 tanks from '95 - 2000 and remeber some of your sprogs setting fire to a room in Sandhurst block on day. Improved it no end I'll tell you. Ward Barracks, horrible, horrible, horrible.
Any one remember Harry K E mp leaving drinks in the saxon battler.

Looked like a scene from a cowboy film.

Any ideas where he is now
G3Ops said:
Raddish said:
Any one remember Harry K E mp
is that like a code?................took me a while but I got there in the end :lol:
Well lets be honest AMFL was never that bright. They continued to defend us from the Russians over a decade after the collapse of communism and them actually becoming our allies(ish) :p
so when is this pish up?
When you do get this sorted can you let everybody know, possibly do an announcement in the national press so we can evacuate the area. Going off this thread it's gonna be messy.

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