249 (AMF) L Signal Sqn 92-96

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Germanybhoy, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Has to be the best posting i ever had. (Minus the Kiwi Trophy bloody hated that!) I really want to try and put a reunion together for all the lads that served during these dates.... For those that did serve under the mighty "TAFF G****e" and still live to tell the tale please carry on the thread of the delightfull moments of a top Sqn, then PM me. Germany or the UK anyones shout. Or if anyone knows personnel that did serve during that time and may be out your help in follow on addresses would be appreciated. :D
  2. Ask wild_man and tanklovesthesnow....they will spaff in their keks!
  3. Pity it was a bit before their time though......cant believe neither of them bit!
    never mind eh,
    I am sure there will be plenty of folk interested though.
  4. Gunny George was a cnut of the highest order.

    In front of the lads on Monday parades he came across as the top dog and a man that should be feared. He ruled by fear and even the OC didn't have the moral courage to stand up to him.

    Gunny was a fool and he proved this when the "Blandford Incident" occurred, even then he managed to escape disciplinary action.

    249 was a unit that the P Coy failures were posted to.

    Get some snow under your boots.
  5. Alright lads, there is a 249 reunion organised in May this year if you're up for it. It'll be in Birmingham. Let me know if you can and i'll fill you in on it.
  6. Lol, would be good I agree, but the venue has already been fixed. Entertainment sorted, drinks are going cheap if you have your veterans badges or id cards on you, it'll be a top laugh, and a great gathering.
  7. For those that are interested an AMF(L) (all nations) reunion is being jacked up by an ex farce Arty Soldier who is Badge at Manser Bks Gutersloh. More details are on the AMFL group page on FaceAche. It's at a very early stage as he is on HERRICK but he is asking for numbers etc to see if its worth doing. Think he was on about 100 slots for Brits.
  8. crap belt!!!
  9. Harry!!!
  10. Don't remember that ever being true
    though my time was 80 - 83. We did produce our fair share of P Coy and 264 success stories though, we were generally a very fit squadron who probably challenged the Infantry for boots-on-the-ground time on SPTA - any time of the year.

    Never met Gunny George, sounds like the sort of guy we've all met at least once though, deluded tosser who sees iron and steel where everybody else only sees a bully.

    Tell me more about the 'Blandford Incident' - I'm intrigued...
  11. I was at 249 when Taff arrived. Fit as f*ck and a stunt double for desperate Dan.

    Did one Norway with him - his skiing ability was limited and no matter how fit he was, constantly picking himself up with a house on his back was a proper equaliser.
  12. As a young subby on attachment I had a number of run ins with T_ G_. I didn't know better at the time and stood up for my boys on a number of occasions as 'someone' tried to 'mess them around' - I won every time - much to everyone else's surprise - ignorance really is bliss!!!
  13. I remember Gunny biggest a***hole I ever met. What was the blandford incident? Is he still serving?
  14. Long out the incident I remember was at 8 Sigs

    Munch Me
  15. Long out the incident I remember was at 8 Sigs

    Where/when don't matter, but what?