245 Brazilians Toasted

Tragic and RIP the victims; but you've got to feel sorry for the searchers that are assessing the aftermath, it must be grim in there.
245 out of 300/400 that's a pretty high mortality rate, I'd hazard a guess that their HSE are going to be over this like Saville on an underage teen.
With those enormous Brazilian buttocks I wouldn't be surprised if the seat of the fire was some big momma's arse crack.
Indoor fireworks...I suspect the Emperor Mong may have been up to his tricks again.

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I've been trying to come to terms with this news......and to be honest it wasn't that hard.

Took me about 10 seconds and I made the kind of face you'd associate with someone going hmmm, over a quite but not devilishly difficult crossword clue....
If someone from the UK has died, I'll show some sympathy. If not, who cares.
I thought Burns night was Friday?

And in breaking news, the Government of the United Kingdom has apologised for not updating [the Brazilian] H&S Regulations and take full responsibility for this tragedy. They went on to state that officials are looking in to compensating the relatives of the deceased.

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