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243 (v) or 252 (v) RMP - Completed CP Course??

Yeah, its true....We had 2 Lance Corporals from 252 Pro Coy do the CP course, then deploy to Iraq.....One was FCO and the other was a 'green' CP tour......

Admittedly, one has left over his treatment by the MOD after he returned.........Shame, he was a great lad.....
You learn something new every day; first time I'd heard of any TA soldiers being allowed to do the CP Course.
Do the TA's dot he exact same course alongside the regulars?
I assume so, if they are being deployed as part of an existing CP team to make the numbers up then they must surely have to do the same training. It makes that inference on the web site link as well.
Pardon my ignorance -my only previous experiance of RMP is lying to them: Honest, sir, he just slipped and fell over - but what does FTSR mean?
Apologies for any spelling/grammer mistakes. I am very dr-ZZZZZZZZ
I'm assuming this isnt a 'wah', but FTRS is Full Time Reserve Service, basically being attached to the regs for a fixed period of time, but not exceeding 42 months. There are various levels of commitment (Home, Full, and one other I think) that dictate whether you are deployable or not...
TA doing the CP course is TOTALLY the exception rather than the rule. I have to confess that I wasn't aware that a 116(V) guy did it for Telic 3 - I thought he was a driver rather than a CP Op, I will have to investigate further

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