Just to let you know that we've received the very sad news that 2404Motorman has recently passed away. We received the following email from his step son:

I have now managed to get some more information about my step father Ian Burton .
He died suddenly at home of a heart attack last Monday evening the 9th July 2007, he will be dearly missed by all of his friends and family and although I did not know him during the time he was in the Army, I am sure he was good hard working brave soldier, a credit to Queen and country, he was an honest man who believed in justice and fairness.
Recently he had taken part in the campaign to bring the VC Ghurka veteran ( I believe Mr Pun ) to this country and he was very proud to have had attended the welcoming at Heathrow airport. ( I believe 6th July.)

I would be grateful if you could make an announcement on behalf of his family, you ask if I would like to inform the wider Army or ARRSE.
I would be very happy if you could make an announcement in the location that you have recommended, I am not sure how long he had been a regular ARRSE user, as he only went on-line about 8 months ago, but I know that the on-line community on ARRSE meant a lot to him.

Ian Daniel Burton
Army No. 24044018
Lance Corporal in the Royal Corps of Transport
Enlisted 16th Nov 1970,
Nick name on web site:- 2404Motorman
Like many on here, I very much enjoyed his posts and he will be a sad loss to the site. RIP
Really bad news.

Met him at the Pun VC reception, a fine gentleman indeed.

RIP Ian, condolences to Family and Friends.
Sad news indeed.
I'm not ashamed to say that I'm in tears here. I only met him the once for a few hours at Pun VC's welcoming party, but he was indeed a lovely man - funny, intelligent and obviously passionate about life. To echo his charming comment about me, it was a delight to meet him too.

I hope it won't upset anyone if I say:

2404Motorman said:
Glesga_short_bloke said:
I feel that I must also point out that the female Ghurka Major was quite sexy !
Yes, I have to agree! There was something about the way she strode purposefully from one end of the red carpet to the other that caused little beads of sweat to form on my wrinkled brow! :oops:
It was seeing the female Gurkha Major what did it... :)

Rest In Peace Ian - I'm glad I met you - you will be missed.

The memory of a good person is a blessing.
~ Proverbs 10:7
I'm devastated.

Like Dozy and the others I met Him whilst at the Pun VC press conference. A very polite and likeable person.

RIP Old Lad
Very sad news.

Ian and I chatted for some time while waiting to greet Pun VC and he was a real pleasure to be with. He also took the time to explain to some Dutch chaps what everyone was here for and the background to the campaign.



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Very sad news and my thoughts and condolences go to the family. I have enjoyed the posts of 2404Motorman - he will be missed. I hope that he is logged on to the big site in the Sky.


Rest in peace Ian. Having met Ian at Pun's reception, like others, this has come as a real shock - Along with Dozy, I suspect that the Gurkha Major may have contributed! Ian, I hope our paths cross again.

A true gentleman, sadly missed on these boards and by all those who knew him.

RIP mate.

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