24 year old ex Gren begging in London

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by mediumwhiteamericano, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Morning folks,

    []I did PM the MODS for permission on this but have not heard back.[/]

    This stopped me dead yesterday.

    I was walking over Waterloo Bridge in London and clocked a young lad begging for money. He had a sign and, as I got closer, I noticed that it said he had been in the Army for five years and needed money for food etc.

    It turns out that he was ex Gren Guards and had left just three months ago! He was all a bit screwed up and, imho, just needs pointing in the right direction. He was aware of the Legion but did not know who to speak to or where to go for help. I also think there was a pride thing going on inside his head.

    I asked for his reg number, name and dates of service which he gave without hesitation. I believe he is more than genuine.

    Here's the thing. I am looking for some contact details of people who I can get in touch with re this guy. To be honest I need a name rather than a generic web address as I think we need to get some help for this guy sooner rather than later.

    He could also do with a new set of clothes, even a sleeping bag would help.

    I am back in London on the 27th and it would be fantastic if we could make a swift difference to this guys future. My biggest fear is that he continues to drift and is eventually sucked under.

    So, if you know of people (Grens Welfare Officer?) who can help then PM me and we'll go from there.

    Happy to discuss over the phone etc. Again, PM for details.

  2. Veterans' Aid, formerly the Ex-Services Fellowship Centres, have a hostel in London and can help with clothes and food.

    The young man can call 0207 828 2468.

    For more info see http://www.veterans-aid.net/

  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    []The London Homeless Division of SSAFA works with ex-Service rough sleepers. Priority action is taken in the areas of primary needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Any other issues that arise, and are relevant to improving the welfare of the client, are also looked at and appropriate referrals made. The Homeless Division can be contacted on Homeless.Div@ssafa.org.uk or Tel: 020 7828 2468.[/]
  4. In terms of immediate, practical help this is good advice. The office is located near the Bag O' Nails pub in Victoria. At street level there is a hair dressers with the 'Ex-Service Fellowship Centre door plate wall mounted. It's an electronically controlled door onto stairs leading up to first floor.

    They are a tremendous bunch of office staff, headed by a former RAF officer.
  5. Nice to see BFBS keeping an eye on things :clap:
  6. All good advice and PMs are also arriving.

    Many thanks so far.

  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Thanks for that mediumwhiteamericano. The guy obviously needs some urgent help. Is there anyone who is in London who can get something going for the guy before mediumwhiteamericano gets back on the 27th? It seems a shame to have the man out on the streets for another 5 days just because of traveling dates.
  8. Yes, just pm'd mwa.
  9. Surely the regiment can help out.
    Every man who contributes a part of their wages for just this type of help. Sure there is someone in birdcage walk who can find a warm bed hot food and steady advice.

    Hope the lad get help sharpish.
  10. Dont mean to besmirch this young man or anything but i was doing some work in London around that time, heard of a Gren Gdsm caught begging on the street for drug money, he was then kicked out pronto after a CDT. Coinscidence?
  11. Even if he has a drug problem he still needs help. Would you be so quick to judge someone who has an alcohol problem. There may be an underlying cause why someone resorts to drug abuse-PTSD for example.
  12. Seconded

  13. Update:

    Have spoken to Alec Lomas who will try to locate this guy today; Many thanks for the effort AL and nice to chat.

    If AL finds him (I told the lad that someone would come looking for him and to stay in and around the area for the next couple of days) he will take him to the people at VA.

    For Quickest & Best: Understand your concerns and the people at VA will be able to check this out. However, when I spoke to him my first thought was to simply get him some help. We shall see.

    For Alec Lomas: Can you let me know how things go please?

    To all who have offered advice and help, many thanks.

    I'll try to keep you informed of progress.

  14. Go on, MWA, admit it - you're a bit of a saint on the quiet, are'nt you??!

    Seriously though - good on yer, chap. You've done a hands turn to a complete stranger: and THAT is about as good as it gets.
  15. I hope its not the same bloke, was just a strange coincindence, good luck to him!