24 Sqn RCT - Belize 89-90

Are there any ARRSE members that survived the Nov 89 to Apr 90 Belize stint, if so, and you weren't a boring fart you probably feature in one of many pics that I am about to scan in to my comp.

As it was all a bit of a drunken haze I should remind you that 24 Sqn had the best bar on airport camp and an invite to outsiders was regarded as a great honour - even for the Guards. During my stint we were undisputed/undefeated boat race champions.

Some of the many theme nights we held that I have many photos of were as follows:

Rambo night
Viz character night
Punk night
Nappy night
Come as you are caught night

As I am now old I imagine that a lot of the younger lads in the photos are probably (if they managed to stay "uncaught") in some quite senior positions now and the burning question is - do i just put the pictures in the Arrse gallery and see what happens ?

Another reminder was our Sqn Mascot, a dog we lovingly called (and it instantly responded to) "Cnutchops", although the SSM was very keen for us to rename it "sprocket" (which we completely ignored)

If you were there then get in touch.
Spent many a night in 24´s bar, did a 6 month tour with 20 Fd Sqn RE Oct 90- My 91. Lived in the Engineer accom over frm the back door to the bar
I was there and I remember Sprocket.

And Sparky the parrot - so named after the bar burned down after the Engrs burned it down but no-one could prove it.

I also remember being very ill after drinking half a bottle of Lea and Perrins 'for a bet'

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