24 Regt - whats it like?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Mighty_Blighty, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Fellow Arrses,

    I'm posted to 24 Regt RLC at Catterick Barracks, Bielefeld. I was just wondering:

    1. What is the Sgts Mess like as I will be un-accompanied for the first few months.

    2. How do you Loggies treat attached arms? :D

    3. What is the unit Like - Is there much opportunity for sport/phys ?

    4. What is Bielefeld like on the lash? Is there much aggro down town?

    This will do for now.


  2. just spent 4 years in bielefeld it is one of the better postings in bfg for the local area. Down town is good, plenty of bars and a few decent clubs, just avoid Bananas to avoid the trouble because if it does kick off this is where it is most likely to happen. The shopping down town is also top notch
    wasn't 24 or 7 so can't comment on the unit.
  3. Welcome to 24 Regt, a few answers;

    1. You havn't got a mess due to the SNCO's at 24 having the average age and behaviour of a 22 Yr old Pte during functions. 7 Regt own the mess, but you are allowed in while 7 are away in Afghan/Cyprus.

    2. Loggies treat attached arms just like their attached legs, no difference.

    3. Their is every oppurtunity for sport and Phys, in fact, if you do not weigh over 20 stone (the average regimental weight) you will probably be the main man in every Regimental sports team. 24 Regt sometimes do battle Pt, this mainly involves a game of musical chairs in the Mess before Tea and Toast.

    4. Bielefeld is probably the best garrison in Germany (IMHO) for nightlife in Germany (Only a few squaddies compared to loads of locals) As long as you do not frequete the Irish bar too late you won't see much bother.

    Looking forward to seeing you at TnT in the Mess, hope you have a good sense of humour!

    I'll get me coat.
  4. Thanks for the info guys.

    M_M_S - does this mean i will not have a Mess Bill? :D

    What is the Accomodation like, and is there internet access in the rooms?

  5. PM incoming M_B
  6. I spent 10 years in Bielefeld the city is great as for going on the beer i would avoid Bananas if you want to stay away from the trouble.. as for clubs Hannover would be the better option.

    Sports there's plenty to do just have to look around the local football team are more than happy to have Brits along for games.

    Cant say much about the mess as i had a quater

    Hope helps..
  7. Ah bananas......sweet sweet memories.

    How i miss bielefeld. Simply the best years of my life!
  8. Aww used to be good in there on singles night hours of fun phoning the boxheads stood at the tables/bar with the phone system :D
    What was the name of the night club over the ridge and in the industrial estate is that still opened?
  9. it was called Mckardos, dont know how you spell it. And i no that it is called some thing else now.
  10. If it's the one I'm thinking of it was called PC 99's a few years ago. Went there one night for a heavy metal night and surprised a few of the boxheads by headbanging to "Ace of Spades"...the fact I had a skinhead haircut confused them!! :headbang:
  11. yeah i remember PC 69 as well and one i am sure some of you will remember is Eckies lol...:):):) and the place above the sports shop in the city centre cant remember what that was called....
  12. eckies, now there's a memory, I had my initiation there, she was one ugly swamp beast, the worrying thing is, at the time, that sort of woman did it for me. 8O
  13. Funny that considering that 24 Regt assets are ALWAYS away on tour, but thats the lot of posties and movers. But trust a dvr to big himself up!!! especially when op TOSCA is such an arduous tour?

  14. At last! I was waiting for a bite from the so called"Sunnier" side of camp. Enjoy your up and coming Commando postie Ex, I'll be on the beach defending Cyprus against the Turkish masses!
  15. Don't worry M M S, I'll not be taking part in any Cdo Postie Ex, I'll be elsewhere. Keeping out of the way?? :D