24 Regt and the SDR

Discussion in 'RLC' started by shit lips, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. Anyone heard about 24 Regt disbanding next year as part of the SDR.
  2. No.

    There was talk a while back about 24 and 29 each specialising in either PC or Mov. Or perhaps I've just made that up.
  3. I had to think about that. Good WAH!
  4. I heard the number of Movers was to increase as we get rid of the RAF and we fly from various civvy airports instead, so we will need teams of at least 8 movers (including a WO1) at most of the UK airports with RHQ 29 Regt moving to Heathrow (as 104 Bde is taking over their HQ building), although it's yet to be decided which German airports we'll take over, but it's likely that RHQ 24 Regt will move to Hannover.
  5. I thught 104 were taking over TT's building after they have moved?
  6. No I believe it's being flattened, well N'avon is to be shut anyway.
  7. Apparently Marchwood is closing and all Maritime capability is moving to Wigan.
  8. Not quite, its being sent offshore........................................... (sorry about that)
  9. At Wigan Pier perhaps?

  10. 24 to Hannover. Wonder where they got that idea from?
  11. Just to clarify. 104 into 50 Sqn Bldg. Everybody else in 29 Regt stays where they are. 50 Sqn into the bunker by the med centre. What is the future for 24 if Germany closes? Sat in on a working group in HQ DRLC that had this very discussion back in May. Heard about the Theatre Enabling Regt?
  12. ha ha this great am 24 and a never heard any of this crap lol.... a do ken BFG is closing down but got n idea were they going to fcuk uss off 2 like hopefully near scotland less of a treck home!!!!
  13. Can you resend in English?
  14. I heard that after the recent Regimental Military Skills competion, the Movers will be re-badging as ACF!
  15. That response simply acknowledges all that many of us believe is at fault with the MC trade!!