24 Hr - ORP (Curry & Rice)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bad_Crow, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Simple.

    I want to buy a few packs of the Boil in Bag curry and rice. If needs must i will fork out and buy whatever menu they are but they're nice, I've got 5 days worth of Civi camping coming up and I want my new favourite Rat Pack meal!

    Checked with the stores before you ask and with a TA unit down the road! Ebay isn't showing much either. Are they made by a firm that has put them on the ope market?

  2. http://www.militarymadnessuk.co.uk/
    They seem to do all sorts, but I can't vouch for their service.

    You are braver than me if you want to eat a Rat Pack Curry...<shudder>
  3. Are you kidding? Rat pack curries are awesome. The tastiest thing ever to come out of those little boxes. :D
  4. oh no theyre not, the chicken and mushroom pasta is. the chocolate pudding is good too, expecially if you break up a yorkie and put that in there.
  5. Bad_Crow you are a glutton for punishment, 8O literally! I'm afraid sausage and beans is the only one I could eat more than twice in a row if I could choose. :wink:
  6. Pasta = devils vomit, urghhhhh!
  7. Is there anywhere you can still get the old tinned version packs
  8. I think the quality of ORPs has gone down significantly. The last rat pack curry I had, was bland and stringy, and the rice simply would not soften enough to eat it even if you boiled it for 20 minutes. The chocolate tasted like that foreign fake chocolate, and biscuits brown are like eating fibreboard.

    I think the contractor has changed, they now have orange labels stuck on the retort bags instead of printing on the bag like they used to.

    Tescos have some rather nice boil in the bag curries in there Ethnic/World Foods section, that are actually manufactured in India (Not Vesta shoite) so why not give them a go. boil in the bag rice is quite exotic now, and you can even get mini nans that will warm up in fry pan etc;

    Some of the MREs are quite good. I have fond memories of chillies and Thai pork curries (but some menus should be flushed straight down the karzi) You could also try them. Available from quite a few surplus suppliers in the UK.
  9. Linky
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Yup, the tesco's indian stuff is good. Its in a cardboard box if looking for it but inside is the familiar boil in bag shiny metal thing. No meat IIRC, just veggie curries but good.
  11. Goods news compo sausage fans , whilst out (cough) shopping with the missus today ,we tumbled into bargain madness in Hull near the ice arena , and behold sausages in lard by Westlers 39p a tin , bought 4 tins , cooked one when i got home and scoffed the lot .Seem to think they tasted better in my sevice days :D
  12. Bacon grill can be found in Lidle's.
  13. and tesco and asda.
  14. Asda and most of the big asian supermarkets sell a fair range of boil in the bag curries and rice dishes. Theres also some made in India prawn curries that I havent plucked up the courage to buy
  15. i was unfortunate enough to have to eat lamb curry and basmati rice last week, it was stinking, the rice was rock hard after cooking and as for if it was lamb or not is anyones guess, who the fcuk actually sanctioned it as being good enough is either on someones pay roll or needs a good kick up the aarse, steer well clear pal!