24 hours in a&e

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by red_square, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. watching this right now, and i can see why uncle harold shipman, may have done what he did......
  2. The cunt wasn't in A&E; he was in the nice cosy homes of reasonably well-off pensioners who were a bit poorly, and he cynically and systematically robbed them and their families. He then robbed us by ensuring that his wife was able to receive his pension.
  3. Ha, I knew someone would've started a thread on this programme. Another one of those where I sit shouting at the telly something along the lines of, 'why don't you just die, you useless fucking sponging cunt'. The NHS is strapped for cash, I wonder how much is spent patching up (sometimes considerably more) fucking pissed idiots who contribute nothing and even have the neck (albeit broken in this case) to be jolly ungrateful to boot. Bah.
  4. my point exactly.................
  5. What a star that Claire was. I'd marry her !
  6. damn meant to watch that! I saw last weeks and the only two "normal" patients were an old guy with a heart problem and an 11 year old boy hit by a car - the rest were shooting and stabbing victims!! It must make the NHS staff wonder why they bother
  7. Perhaps some sort of social triage might be in order.

    Useful, productive and contributing to society, in A&E from getting hit by pointless chav mong in blinged-up Vauxhall Nova: Here's your bed, here are your x-rays and here is a nurse to give you soothing blowjobs.

    Aforementioned pointless chav mong who wrapped his Nova around a tree trying to get away from plod: Here are two aspirin, a band-aid and it's AMYOYO.

    I seem to remember an informal medical phrase along the lines of Cockroach Syndrome, where the more useless a member of society the person is, the more likely they are to survive life-threatening injuries.