24 Hour Plumber

A 24 Hour Emergency Plumber is about to go out with his wife for his annual night out at the Plumber's Ball, when the telephone rings. On answering it, the local Doctor on the other end of the line says. "Thank god I have got hold of you, my toilet has backed up and is totally blocked, and there is shit all over the floor, the stench is unbearable. My wife is in tears and my children are screaming and being violently sick because of it, can you come round straight away?"
The Plumber explains that he and his wife are just about to go out for their only night out together of the year.
The doctor responds by saying. "Whilst I appreciate it's your one night off a year, let me remind you that as your local doctor, I regulary turn out 24/7, 365 days a year to patients, your family included, so I would be grateful if you could show the same professionalism as I do."
The plumber agreed he would, and 30 mins later turned up at the doctors house. He walked over to the toilet door and opened it, the stench was awful and there was shit all over the floor and piled up in the pan. He reached into his plumbers tool bag and removed four washers, which he then dropped onto the pile of shit in the pan. "He then turned to the doctor and said. "If it is no better by tomorrow morning, just give me another call!"

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