24 hour indoor rowing world record attempt for H4H 23 Oct 09

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by billybudd, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. On 23 Oct Vince Brunning, Royal Marines, will attempt to break the record for 24 hours on a Concept 2 rowing machine and in so doing raise some money for a really good cause.


    As a guide for the gym users out there he recently regained his world record for 100km in preparation for this event where he averaged under 2 minutes per every 500 metres. His pace for the 24 hour world record attempt will doubtless be something similar, so hopefully this gives those of you who use indoor rowers some idea of the task facing him.

    If a few people would chip in the odd fiver then I know he'd be v grateful.
  2. Only sub 2:00 for 100k? I thought the RM were meant to be fit! :D

    I'll chip in a whole tenner if you put up a working link.
  3. When I was in Kosvo my OC climbed the height of Everest (29026 ft IIRC) in under 2 hours (he also ran the marathon de sabre for fun) and I rowed the lenght of the british channel for the British Heart Foundation. Mr Smyth was one in a million, and I was knackered after my row.

    100k is a bloody hard slog, and all fair play to him. I'll be donating a few quid!
  4. The 100km was just a 'warm up' for the forthcoming 24 hour effort, I think Vince is going for 310km on the day.

    Apologies if the link didn't work, I'll have another go- I'm a techno-moron.