24 Foot Powerboat For Sale

Afternoon peeps, I am due to be bogging off abroad and therfore wont have the time to play with this little baby, so if anyone is up for a serious bit of kit let me know:

Int Cruisers Rougue 24
360 HP Mercruiser V8 Petrol (6.9 litre)
On trailer
Life jackets and a few other bits included
Recently reupholstered above and below deck

As she has been reupholstered she is a nice blank canvass (ie no B+Q kitchen cupboards in her). So its not the normal thing for on canals as she scoots along at 70 mph plus but if you are needing something for running drugs/guns/prostitutes or all 3 let me know.
Licence can be obtained through the RYA, or if you did the all arms boat op course the RYA accept that instead. However ironically you need to do a VHF operators course if you have a radio, (pure bone cse). Ahh yes price wise its up for £5500, well spotted you found the deliberate mistake ;-)
What does she have by way of instrumentation?
Alright, a speedboat and a camera. Rub my nose in it why don't you. I've saved £120 in pocket money from the wife in the past year. Are we 'communicating', brother?