24 Foot Powerboat For Sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by two-four-albert, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Afternoon peeps, I am due to be bogging off abroad and therfore wont have the time to play with this little baby, so if anyone is up for a serious bit of kit let me know:

    Int Cruisers Rougue 24
    360 HP Mercruiser V8 Petrol (6.9 litre)
    On trailer
    Life jackets and a few other bits included
    Recently reupholstered above and below deck

    As she has been reupholstered she is a nice blank canvass (ie no B+Q kitchen cupboards in her). So its not the normal thing for on canals as she scoots along at 70 mph plus but if you are needing something for running drugs/guns/prostitutes or all 3 let me know.
  2. Quick pic, pm if more are needed

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  3. No price?

    OK then, I offer you fifty quid.
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  4. Do you need some sort of licence to run one of those ?
  5. Only on restricted waters, eg Lake Windermere.
  6. How muchish?
  7. If you pay for me to take a trailer test ill have it.
  8. Pah £60.
  9. Too late, it's mine.

    He asked nothing and I'm paying fifty quid, that's an infinite percentage more than he asked.
  10. Licence can be obtained through the RYA, or if you did the all arms boat op course the RYA accept that instead. However ironically you need to do a VHF operators course if you have a radio, (pure bone cse). Ahh yes price wise its up for £5500, well spotted you found the deliberate mistake ;-)
  11. And when you are asked to prove competancy by say ..... the harbour master or coast guard ?
    This thing is wasted on pussy ponds like windermere with their gay speed limits
  12. I've been using power/motor/sailing boats at sea since the age of 14 (over 3 decades now) and nobody's asked for my permit so far.
  13. few more

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  14. I'll not be outbid easily and I've bet £10 more than you.
  15. The Welsher wants thaaaaahsands now. And he wants to see your permit.