24 Fld Amb - reunion?

Have heard through a mate that there might be a reunion for past/present members of 24 Field Ambulance, has anyone heard anything on the grapevine? If anyone has, please let me know. Ta
That could be interesting. Couldnt be held at Stax though as i took a nostalgic drive past there the other day passing through and its now an ALDI! The wine bars still there though. :?

Progress, not all good!

I've got a few buddies that have ended back up there so will give them a call and look into it. It'd probably be posted on the Soldier website i'd imagine?
ViciousCircle said:
D-L wrote

Sounds similar to Emmas down here, except we ain't so classy as to get carpets
You're not kidding it aint classy, especially if its got you in as a regular ? :wink:
I am known to frequent the den of ill-repute on occasions but to go so far and call me a regular :roll:
ViciousCircle said:
Obviously you only go to observe the youth of today in their natural habitat ? Sort of cultural analysis lets say
Yes, but unfortunately I keep getting cautioned for that sort of behaviour :oops:
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