24 Commando Engineer-general over view please

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RA2Be, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    iv searched the topic but no conclusive answers can be found.
    Iv been extremely interested in this career (due to the obvious) but cant fid much interest in the general role.

    Thanks in advance! :D
  2. If your gonna go, go Airborne.
  3. do either cse, as long as you remember that the MOD will not give a feck about you or any injuries after you have left.
  4. Too true Kev !
  5. If I was you I'd worry about successfully making it into the RE first and then see about applying for the AACC if you are deemed suitable. Many aren't.
  6. If he's up to the standard....and willing to work in an all male environment. :) :)
  7. Nah, learning to do my jumps and never doing it operationally would annoy me haha
  8. Why is your user name Guns related and your sig block Sigs and Tankies, if you're asking about the Sappers?

    To serve alongside Royal are you considering 29 and 148 Bty?

    I could tell you loads about 59 (as was), I did 11 years with them all together, and I did 22 years as a Sapper, but I think you're being a bit less than clear.

    Good luck with the Tankies and Sigs, although if you go Sigs there's always a chance of a draft with HQ and Sigs Sqn.

    (Oh yes. Forgot to add..........flicker,...WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH)
  9. So......

    You're asking about joining the Royal Engineers in order to work alongside "The Corps" - presumably referring to the Royal Marine Corps. That will go down well in the unlikely event that you do actually get to serve in 24 Cdo Eng Regt (in some capacity other than Sh*thouse cleaner) -

    SSgt - "So why did you join The Corps Sapper RA2be?"
    Spr RA2be - "I wanted to join The Corps but biffed out in week 27 so joined The Corps where I could serve alongside The Corps and gaze lovingly at them when on exercise with them. I know loads about The Corps and can banter like a sweat with the Airborne lads cos my time in The Corps taught me how to do loads of heaves, chin ups, sit ups and press ups and you don't even have to grip me for mistakenly calling 'the galley' 'the cookhouse', Staff".

    Good luck with joining The Corps, or The Royal Armoured Corps or the Royal Corps of Signals or the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

  10. well if biffed out is your mong way of saying medically discharged then yeah.

    forgive me for being physically fit, wanting to better myself and figure all possibilities open to me. Thanks, good luck to you to
  11. Oh yeh, i can see how that could be interpreted as. its actually a username given to me by the local college course
  12. Yeah, because ocean based amphibious assualts are all the rage these days :roll:
  13. Yea, because that's the reason most people don't volunteer for P-Coy. :roll: