24 commando Chivenor

Discussion in 'REME' started by matt_2818, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. Anyone here posted/previously posted to above?

    I get to make a posting preference soon and im planning on putting it as my choice.... not that it matters, ill prob end up in a reme battalion in some other obscure part of the country haha!

    Just want to know what the job front is like for the wifes and if there is any decent nightlife near by!

  2. Matt,

    I left Chivenor a while ago (98, gulp) and there was a mental nightlife based around Barnstaple (but a lot of that is what you make of it) and my Mrs got loads of work through firstly temping agencies in Barnstaple and then through Unicorn Property Management on camp.
    Not current gen but hopefully a good indicator.
    Good luck.
  3. Do the AACC then your chances will improve

    Good run ashore as well

  4. Like all the out of the way posts you will bi dicked for yer share of tours. While yoou are away the rest of the brigade will be pitching up to shag yer missus.
    Top TIP: Make sure you are satisfied by his dick or formally interview any breeding parteners (however short term) .
  5. You Sir are a dick & shouldn't post when pissed
  6. Cheers for the comments!
    I plan on doing the AACC as soon as i can, regardless of getting my posting choice. Was hoping going chivenor would speed that up!
    Plus i was thinking with it being engineers there should be some good piss-ups from time to time

    But me aside im making sure the missus has options too..... other than keeping the brigades morale up while im away on tour!
  7. Do I know you LOL

    Pads is ace at chiv, because there is plenty of pongo wifey material to smash in, its allowed as long as it not your cap badge.

    Barnstaple is a standard messy night out. Sherries Tavern being the southwest equivalent to the canteena bar in starwars, beware the one armed bandit and side show bob though

    Apart from that its an exellent part of the country to spend some time in, lovely surfing
  8. Did somebody poke yer missus when you were away?
  9. Do the AACC and you will also have the option of 29 Cdo RA Wksp - a great unit in a great location. My wife found a job there easily and the run ashore is hoofin'.

    My advice would be to concentrate on getting the AACC squared away.
  10. @thegimp - You may know me, I served in 59 Cdo Sigs Wing for a while.Did you attend the Cdo Log/59 Highlander versus Tarts and Vicars Run ashore? I only did the prelims but that was a good night out with the usual consequences. The 59 reunion that was initiated in the RAFA club was also the start of an exceedingly entertaining weekend (particularly for the Log Regt Duty Officer). Not as good as Weymouth 87 Reunion but not bad.
  11. Matt, I left Chiv a couple of months ago, the quarters are ok, just depends which street you get which determines if you live in a shoe box or mansion. The run ashore is hoofin as previously commented on. There are jobs out there in Barnstaple its just a case of finding one. The wivess there make any other wife feel welcome, my missus made some good friends which we will be going back to see. You will definately need to do the AACC as soon as you get there cos if you don't you will just get sh#t from all the trained guys.
    Just hope you like driving up the road from hell the A361
  12. Oh yes, all those overtaking lanes that stop right on the apex of blind hills - bonus. Heard the one about the brand new Geordie Ducati that crashed into the roundabout at the A38 end of the 361? Straight down the lav. Ha Ha.

    I used to commute at the weekends to Plymouth, the only route I'd use was straight over the moor via Okers.