Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by confused, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi all

    anyone got any info on the latest rumours of 24 Cdo Regt being formed at Chivenor in Devon or Newquay in Cornwall?
  2. Is 49 Para going to be one of the battalions?
  3. not until about 2010 and then some!
  4. Interesting and a good idea. It would be good to use the soon to be ex-RAF St Mawgan at Newquay. It is a great facility and it seems mad to just shut it.

    Surely, with so many Army units in Germany who will, one day, have to return to the UK, then why not use the large number of bases that the RAF is leaving?
  5. surley not St Mawgan though? I agree there are many ex RAF bases out there but St Mawgan should just become the airport not a base
  6. New to this site and this caught my eye... I've heard this rumour from several places across the country now whilst out and about. All different times and all different people, but two of the rumours seem to true to dis-regard.

    1 - I was on a course last year with an engineer and he has been sent on a temporary posting for 18 months prior to being posted to new unit at St Mawgan - this coincides with St Mawgan drawdown - late 08.

    2 - At a local coffee shop friends wife was talking with two engineers who were on location to investigate the 'new' site - St Mawgan - ready for their next posting which is scheduled for late 08.

    Who knows about this sort of stuff this far out??? How high do you go??? The RAF are in the dark.