24/7 call-out?

....what's the score re "extra pay" for being on call 24/7/365?

Mate o' mine in NI apparently gets extra pay for this and is allowed a "day without pager/mobile" in order to relax/get píssed every week or so....

Any ideas/info from you good folks?


I would expect this is a local arrangement. As far as i'm aware, being on call 24/7 365 is recognised by the AFPRB and is one of the points used when calculating the x factor (that mysterious and probably fictional) amount our pay is increased by to make up for these sort of inconveniences.

I dont know of an allowance payable for being on permenant call. If there is one, i wouldnt mind knowing the details!!
Am I right in thinking though, that having a mobile phone strapped to you 24/7 (and being expected to respond to it) is much the same as being on duty 24/7?....... :-/
All depends on the likelihood of the pager/mobile phone going off and what response is expected. Civil Service attract extra pay for carrying a pager and I think this is one for mil personnel that slots into the x factor argument already put forward.


Bit of a dangerous thread isn't it ?  I'm sure someone once told me that being an ARAB is about 24/7/365, better watch out or some smart cookie in HMG might suggest that those who aren't on call/duty/carrying pagers get a negative x factor applied for that bit of slack....

...........I am of course playing devil's advocate here so don't all bite at once....


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