238 speeding cases thrown out

A Co Wicklow judge has thrown out a total of 238 speeding cases over doubts about the legality of a special speed limit on the N11.

Judge Murrough Connellan criticised the County Council for not being forthcoming with information about the issue and unnecessarily prolonging the case for a large number of defendants.

Judge Connellan said he was none the wiser today about the legality of a special 60km limit at Kilmacanogue.

He said a large number of people have had to give up a day's work on three occasions while a challenge was heard concerning the validity of the special speed limit adopted by the county council between April 2004 and November 2005.

Afterwards some of the people who had their summonses dismissed said they had been left with legal bills for several hundred euro.

Many complained that they had not been given the option of paying the fine and were instead summonsed to appear in court.

A garda spokesperson said gardaí had no power to lift fines or penalty points for those who have already had their cases dealt with and any appeal would be a matter for the courts.

But the spokesperson said anyone who did pay a fixed penalty and received penalty points through the post would have these sanctions lifted automatically.

Quick, lets get that Judge over here to throw out many more cases! :D

In related news, a Cork judge today threw out two drink driving cases due to over four years having passed between offense and prosecution. This is now eight he's thrown out, and he's saying that unless the DPP can offer special circumstances for any more long-delayed ones, he's going to throw those out too.

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