23 year wait for his ACSM

I met up some some of our old and bold for their monthly lunch/pi$$up yesterday.

One of them received his Accumulated Service Medal in the post a couple of days before and brought it along where it was presented with all the due ceremony only a group of LE officers long out can acheive :D.

He was a bit surprised to finally receive it as HE HAD QUALIFIED FOR IT IN 1983 and had given up on it. It was engraved with his rank at the time (WO2). He left the army as a LE Capt a good few years ago!

I suppose this could be looked at in two ways

1. Optimist - Don't worry. No matter what, one day the Medal Office will get round to you :lol:

2. Realist - why the fcuk did it take it so long?

Personally I side on the latter. For those who have made comment on numereous threads about waiting times for their TELIC medal (I am one of them), read the above and weep, guys and gals, read it and weep......

edited once as I am a mong when it comes to correct abbreviations
I think you are right but a little bit of overstatement goes a long way. Either way you look at it he has been eligible since its inception and that is a loooooong time ago.
I thought it was up to the individual to apply for it - ie , prove you've qualified. Therefore you get it when you've proved you've earned it and not at the behest of some civie s**t , aka don't blame someone else if you haven't got it.
As he applied for it when he was still serving and after its introduction, I think I can verify that the system sucks......
Fair point, and reinforces the perception that the civi side of the MOD are not up to the mark in supporting the serviceman - pay peanuts get monkeys.
Fallschirmjager said:
I think it came out a little sooner then 96. It was around 1993-4 i first saw the ACSM.
It was 1993. Just before we started getting all the UN tours.
Ahhhhh, the good old times when the only other tour then NI was unficyp........ fond memories......
Accumulated Campaign Service Medal(ASSM), Instituted January 1994 and awarded to holders of the Campaign Service Medal 1962 on completion of 36 months accumulated campaign service from 14th August 1969. Also available is a silver plated 2nd award bar clasp which is awarded for each subsequent 36 month period.

My UNFICYP medal took nine years to catch up with me. By then the regiment I had served with had long since been amalgamated to form the M4 Rifles...

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