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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by tonkatoy, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. Hi All,

    Now I have your attention :) I just have a few questions.

    I am hoping to sign up for officer training at Sandhurst on the 14th of May. Joining the army has been something I have wanted to do since I was 14 but my brother beat me to it and joined as a regular soldier and told me how awful it was, how the conditions were terrible and that I would NOT be able to cope. Being very young and naive I believed him and went on my merry way to college then to University. Which I hated. I have grown up a lot and have a lot of experience in the 'real' world and have had a job since I was 16 even when I was a student bum.

    I have had many jobs and always felt like I was wasted in every single one of them. I truly believe, (as stupid as it sounds) that I will do something great with my life and I want to feel like I have a purpose and I want a career that I will make a difference. At the moment I feel very lost and most definitely don't have a purpose. Till I looked into joining again.

    Now... I am very small and don't really do a great deal of fitness (I'm not fat I just struggle with motivation when I have nothing to work towards). How quickly is it after you sign all the papers to when you have your first fitness test? I have started running, very slowly, and just needed to know some time scale of when I would be possibly put through my paces? I am also learning how to swim so that hopefully won't be a challenge either when it comes to it.

    This is something that I really really want to do and my fitness is the only thing that will potentially let me down. Does anyone have any tips or anything to help as I am at the minute thinking about putting it off for a few months?

    Thank you so much for reading my essay and if you are still here please comment :)
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  3. Lol I know it was a big thread I just wanted to put all the facts down!!
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  5. You 2 have been great help lol
  6. Officer selection is completely different to Soldier selection, in terms of timescales, fitness/other requirements and training, so I would totally ignore your brother. The timescales vary massively, but you are probably looking at a bare minimum of 3 months from when you first walk into the Careers Office to your Briefing, as you will have interviews etc first. Once the process is underway, try to get a Fam visit in before your Briefing. Mine helped me immensely, I think it might have gone very differently if I hadn't had some idea what to expect in advance.

    I would have a look here Join as a Regular officer - British Army Website , if you haven't already to get an idea of what is required, then aim to surpass it. The beep test is supposed to be equivalent to 1.5 miles in under 13 mins - the soldier fitness requirement, but I find personally I have to be getting un der 12 mins to be getting 8.2 on the beep test. There are plenty of good training plans to follow online if you look. If you struggle with motivation, maybe sign up for a 5k or 10k race to give yourself a target?

    Also there are plenty of good threads on here that I've found incredibly helpful, especially these two http://www.arrse.co.uk/regular-officer-recruiting/103884-enlisting-officer-rough-guide.html and http://www.arrse.co.uk/regular-officer-recruiting/13308-all-aosb-queries-comments-here-now-please.html It's worth having a root around.
  7. Thank you so much for your help.

    Have you gone through the Officer selection then? I'd love to actually speak to another girl that has actually done it and passed it to just find out what it is like exactly.
  8. I'm still in the process myself, my second attempt at Main Board is on tuesday, feel free to PM me if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.
  9. Surely wanting to join IS the motivation you need to get out there and start training seriously! Run, run and run again! Hit the weights and swim on your off days to recover from running. Fitness is everything. The fitter you are the easier the training will be, you will also stand out from the rest of your intake. Dont be the mong at the back that the Squad will be dragging along and doing press ups and extra phys whilst you catch up! That will alienate you from your fellow cadets.

    I suggest you concentrate on passing the run by doing an 800m warm up then the 2.4k run once a week. Follow this up with a run of an hour and then another for 30mins. Record your times and try to set a new best 2.4k run time each week. Dont worry if you can not bang out a pass immediatley you will get quicker very quickly.
  10. Thank you for your advise. Yeah I have the motivation now, but I never did in the past as I never really had anything to aim towards. That is why I do want to really get my fitness up as I don't want to be the mong at the back haha!!
  11. I always find that a good training plan which tells you exactly what you need to do each day helps me motivate myself. You should be able to find a suitable one online or (as I seem to end up recommending with some regularity) get a copy of "Fighting Fit" by Adrian Weale from Amazon (works for me).

    I sense from the tone of your initial post that you are not familiar with the differences between the officer and soldier recruiting processes. Not to worry on this account as a visit to a recruiting office or the army website should clear this up. More worryingly, I suspect that you may have been told (perhaps by your brother, who I think you said is currently serving) that because you have been to university you would "automatically be signed up as a officer". You should understand at this stage that this is not necessarily the case and that being selected to go to Sandhurst for officer training is a much longer and more testing process. Likewise the training itself is also much longer (near enough a year) and a good deal harder.

    None of this should put you off, but just be sure to ask the right questions of your recruiter when considering whether to apply to join as an officer or as a soldier. Good luck, it is definitely worth it!
  12. We have your likes and life story, now we need your dislikes. We also need some pictures of you in evening wear and in beachwear before we can possibly help fit you in to your ideal job.
  13. My brother is no longer in the army he came out after 6 years. I went for my initial chat a couple of weeks ago and the Army recruitment officer suggested the Officer Training but I do understand it is a lot harder and longer than regular soldier training, this is why I am so uncertain to whether or not try or just join the regular soldier. I had a bit of a problem with my medical and had to check about my asthma when I was younger and I should be ok with what is on my records, if not then I would have to wait till next July to join (more time to get fit).

    Chocolate_frog: Photo for you just so you can picture who you are talking to

    sharon - The ARRSE Gallery ;-)

  14. Well at least you can add "GSOH" to the list of qualities.
  15. Judging by your photo I believe you are best suited to the RA or RLC... maybe RE if you are intelligent enough.

    Officer training isn't neccesarily harder or longer than OR training. Although the selection process certainly is on both counts.

    Your aStmha could be a problem, I would get that confirmed ASAP, no point setting yourself up for any career in the military, if you are going to fall at the first hurdle. After that enquire about info for your favoured job. WWhat are your interests? Would Engineering suit you or are you of the class that we look for for the Royal Corps?

    Officer or OR. It doesn't matter which, but either may offer you a good career. No point going for rupert if you don't like it just because you have a degree, but at the same time, you wont be hindered with a degree in the ranks.