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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by slopster, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. Without wanting to start **** race 2011...
    Could do with a few opinions as to who is better unit to work with. I put my name down for 23ER on my B3 my opinion swayed by the para pay but not so sure anymore especially with the para pay in doubt in the future. Also noticed a bit of an attitude among the paras more so then the commandos. I'm at 1rsme now. My criteria:
    1. best chance to get on a tour quickly although from what I've heard neither is planning on being active in the short term.
    2. like to play more combat engineer less tradie (fitter) in as much as is possible.
    3. Woodbridge or Chivenor better on the piss

    And other reasons to sway my mind one way or another. Don't really care if Pcoy or AACC is harder then the other
  2. Next tour for 23 is Herrick 18.

    Woodbridge is ******* dire on the piss. Seriously.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    If your sole experience of either unit's "attitude" is only from 1 or 3 RSME then that is not much to go on.

    I would also also suggest that you need more motivation to go to these units than the offer of Para Pay or which is best to go out on the piss. If you are not 100% focused you will fail.
  4. I served in wonderful woodbridge and i can tell you it is near frecking nowhere!! if you can't drive you're marooned (no pun), however my only experience of chivenor is getting thrashed for a weekend on our cadre by them as it was 9 Sqn's cadre. On which the top spot was a 9 Sqn lad then the next 5 were the 5 commando lads. As for combat engineering you probably want to define a bit more of what elements you want to do?? Well known in the corps that these 2 regiments are not the best at end product but are the best for a get-it-*******-done ability!!

    Why don't you do both?
  5. Do both can you elaborate? I know some of the Cdo have done the jumps.
    As for combat engineering I mean going out with inf on the patrols as opposed to time spent in workshop or never leaving FOB.
  6. 59 used to have a Recce Tp slopster that were jumps trained as well, no idea if that still applies.
  7. X59

    X59 LE

    24 still have Recce Tp, which is part of BRF. They stopped doing P Coy some while back, and are now in line with the rest of the Bde by doing the jumps only.

    Chivenor is very popular, being close to Barnstaple for nights on the piss, and the North Devon coast for surfing and the like. The area gets good weather and is chocka with fanny in the holiday season.

    Not many lads willing to give up all that on top of a quality Sqn.
  8. Locastion for 23 is dire. £20-30 in a taxi to get to Ipswich for a night out. Woodbridge is pretty good on a Friday night but as everywhere closes early you will undoubtledly end up hitting the Switch. However its a short train to Norwich or London and if you live in the Midlands or down South its not a massive drive home wheras 24 are bstard miles away from most.
    Reference 9 Sqn having an attitude, Ill think youll find thats generally borne out of a sense of pride combined with jealous amongst those who havent dared greatly.
    9 Sqn are scheduled for Herrick 18 but as 16 and 3 brigade are out the ORBAT now it will only be elements of either regiment deploying there.
    Although theres a rivalry between the two theres also mutual repect, and your better of at either than wasting away at some screamer unit in Germany. Assuming of course you pass.