23 (V) MI Coy

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Gremlin0790, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. I was considering transferring to 23 (V) MI Coy from my OTC, joining as a soldier with the eventual intention of commissioning after uni (hopefully). Is it worth giving it a go? Does anyone know any students who are doing it? I know my biggest problem will be annual camp, as the OTC tailors it to our term times but Group A units often have theirs during uni. I'm arranging a visit down there, but was wondering if anyone had any outside info to augment what I'll get.
  2. Good luck finding them. I think you might be better off looking for 52 MI Coy (V).
  3. Are they in Edinburgh? Never heard of them (which is probably the way they like to keep it I bet).
  4. Rather than being such a knob, why don't you actually encourage the guy to join and pass on the relevant contact details, assuming you know them.

    You'll probably find the TA website has no mention of 5 Bn.
  5. Give the PSAO a ring on 0131 556 3031.

    Now renamed 52 MI Coy (V). Coy HQ at at 124 McDonald Rd, Edinburgh, EH7 4NQ with a det in NI based in Lisburn.

    They're a friendly bunch.
  6. But they do drink a lot.
  7. Not as much as they used to.

    There are even some who don't touch the stuff!!!!
  8. Sorry about the delay in responding to your post but I couldn't see to type due to the tears of laughter in my eyes and the fact that I had fallen off my chair with hysterics. I'm sorry but I will need evidence of this culture change.
  9. What are the roles 23 and 52 have? That might determine which one I look into. Can't seem to find any specific info on the web (for good reason I know).

    Rebel, you forget I am a student - you say as if drinking a lot is a bad thing.

  10. Those on here who know me might have a differing opinion on my views on drinking. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. They are one and the same; on formation of 5 MI Bn 23 MI Coy was renumbered 52 MI Coy. It's primary role is Field Security although you can serve in a variety of roles / posts if mobilised, assuming your qualified to do so. e.g. Imagery Analysis.

  12. Gremlin, with observational skills and intelligence like this, you're going to fit right in. A commission is definately the right career path for you! The only question remaining is can you read a map? Good luck.
  13. Field security ? That died with the Cold War, the old days of driving round weekends in a hire car in civvies looking at KPs and VPs are long gone. Think generalist MI roles instead (hence the renaming from Sy Coys to MI Coys), although the old guard may well reminisce about days gone by. Since the split of 3 to 3 and 5 it is also in theory biased towards tactical roles, 3 being strat. How that pans out in reality remains to be seen.

    And as for IMINT, to do that you'll need to pass the VRIAC (*) which is normally the preserve of 32 Coy, them being the IAs and all. They lurk "somewhere in Cambridgeshire" most weekends and will no doubt welcome fellow spotters with open arms, youngsters who can bring the average age down below 50 even more so.

    (*) Volunteer Reserve Imagery Analysis Course
  14. OOTS - FS and FS Sects are not dead. Now I know you have neither been on camp or deployed recently :roll:
  15. But Sy Coy (V)s are, most definitely, deceased. Which is what I thought I said. Apologies for any confusion caused by any sloppiness in my writing. Field security as a part of the job is of course alive and well, but to me that's implicit in the MI label.

    Now trot off and find someone else to play "I'm warrier than you are" with. It's getting boring. You'll just have to accept that other viewpoints other than your own exist.