23 signal group!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by threesend, Mar 31, 2005.

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  1. i heard from a very good source (1 sig bde) that 7 sigs and 16 sigs were going to merge in the future . they will be known as 23 signal group based at elmpt station near the german/dutch border . they currently occupy the old raf bruggen airbase.which i also hear may be reopened when these units merge. this merger would make logical sense as both units are already integrated in elmpt, also neither unit is fully manned at present. has anyone else heard this rumour???
  2. Not heard the rumour. But would make sense, if only for admin purposes, could also bring in ARRC Sup Bn. They could all keep their names but be grouped together for various tasks.
  3. Waaaaaa, somebody's had you a good one. Both regiments are based at the old RAF Brüggen..... which IS Elmpt Station near the Dutch/German border!!

  4. I think he probably realised that PP, he lives there.

  5. whos the waaaaaaaaaah aimed at ?? look at the date on the post, and yes i do live here .
  6. ??? 31st March ..... early April fools?
  7. have a look at the date posted !!early or not im f ucked if im staying up all night!
  8. Guess ur in a different time zone to the UK
  9. Well quite obviously not every one can have the luxury of living in the same time zone, perhaps we should all put times in Zulu to stop confusion in this matter?
    However, i did also hear some body talking about this today, but have no real details or concrete evidence to support this claim.