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Ok, I know there are loads of Walt wannabes who post about this but I am seriously after some information and guidance. I am in a TA RAC unit but am really interested in joining 23SAS. I've spoken to them about the timetable for selection etc but want to know what I need to do phys wise.
If there is anyone with direct knowledge/experience of it I would really appreciate a PM or some general guidance. I am deadly serious about this, am running and exercising my a*se off but want to know what exactly I need to be doing to get through.
No offence but i think you really are asking in the wrong forum, all you will get here for asking a question like that is a ripping!
I would say that if you have to ask. Your not ready.
In all seriousness you don't want to be asking advice on here. Anyon who could give it probably won't and this who do are probably walts. Speak to 'them' I'm sure they have some sort of preparation guidlines.
Walt_waltberg_walterton said:
No offence but i think you really are asking in the wrong forum, all you will get here for asking a question like that is a ripping!
I would say that if you have to ask. Your not ready.
I met a chap who was going in as direct entry with no prior military experience. He was on my TSC(A). Good bloke but he's got a hell of a climb ahead of him.

I would think that if the Original Poster is serious the simplest thing to do would be to just phone up 23 SAS and ask.......
i applied once...they stalk your house for a week prior to your first date, and then they follow you off the train right up until the gate. And then they stick a sand bag over your head and shout very loud and rude things at you.....then they give you the application form to join. ENJOY
23 gave a presentation at CIC at the end of the course. They are VERY keen for new recruits at the moment and we had two guys going in as direct entrants in my training platoon. I could tell you what the talk consisted of, but I would have to shoot you afterwards :wink: .

So your best bet is to contact 23 direct, as has already been suggested. The entry standards are a matter of public record and available on the internet but expect things to get much harder after that (SF selection minimum PFT time is 9.30, but some have been accepted with a time over that IF they have other skills and the potential ONLY) Also recommend reading 'The quiet soldier' for an idea of the phys required, but that is looking dated now.

Apply, pass the vetting proceedure and they will send you a booklet on how to prepare for the physical element and avoid injuries. That booklet is probably the best advice you will get.

For the avoidance of doubt and the inevitable ribbing I am going to get, I am not a walt, did NOT serve or do selection (to my eternal regret) with the regiment, but did do preparation to apply some years ago with a mate who was ex 22. Go for it; the biggest regrets in life tend to be the things you did not do rather the things you did ;)
Trg wing will give you all the info you need. Ask THEM.
We had a couple of lads from my unit apply. One in particular was our PTI, champion kick boxer, marathan runner, tri-athlete etc etc. He had been in the first gulf war with the Royal scots and had loads of experience etc.

They binned him almost immediately. Wrong attitude! So its not all about fitness, its about the mental side of you too.

Same with another lad I knew from my village. He was also supremely fit, went off to the Royal Marines..pissed the physical side but was binned for being too much of a loner and not fitting in.

So..advice...are you mentally ready for it, do you know whats expected of you and are you willing to go through your own limits? If not, save the embarressment of being RTU'd ;)
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