23 SAS(R) Selection.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by AlexRamsay, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. I applied for January selection for the above last year. But unfortunately I was a tad too late and they advised me to try again for September. I've got my application pack and I've been pondering the possibility for a few days now. I think I meet the basic fitness requirement. I can run 10 miles in under an hour and I've also been practising some bergen work with 45lb weights on the hills in the Yorkshire Dales. I decided to volunteer as a guided walks warden because you are taught map reading, route planning and get a basic first aid course. I've since been trying night navigation on my own which if I'm honest, hasn't worked out too badly at all and I can move from point to point over the dales at night using a map and compass.

    My problem is. I don't know if I should go for it or continue with my original plan of joining the regs', where I decided to go for the paras. My local AFCO said he can't really advise me on the above, as he doesn't know much about it. Would you lads be able to offer any advice/assistance? I know ultimately I'll have to make the choice and do either one or the other. But given the current economic climate and the various changes going on in the army. What do you guys think would be the better option?

    Any advice will be appreciated and put to good use.

    Many thanks,

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  2. PERSEC. You should probably stop posting with your real name. Even if you weren't going for SF, it's still not a good idea.
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  3. Hi subatomic. Whilst My first name is Alex my surname isn't Ramsay. It's just a memorable name from childhood.

  4. Ah right!

    Well in regards to your request for info, the only bit i can give is if you're going for 23, practice going up hills with a lot of weight...a lot!
  5. Might be a good idea to rock up for the Paras 10 11 Sep - wont help you decide however bloody good way of assesing your phys fitness for either. Good luck
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  6. Is it your porn name?
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  7. **** the SAS join the olympics!
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  8. Spheshul Olympics...
  9. What doe's their cap badge look like? A SF stabbed arse?
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  10. 10mph won't win you any medals in the Olympics.

    I suggest the OP goes to his local 23 unit and asks those in the know about what it's really like. Nobody else is going to have much of a clue.

    But I do know it will be easier to attempt 23 and have the Para Reg as a back up than the other way round. But don't assume you will pass the Para training as you've attempted SAS(R) selection.

  11. As an after thought, I do genuinely wonder how many of those posting 23/21/49 Para threads do actually make it through the respective selections.

    Personally, I wouldn't be looking on a public internet forum for such info.

  12. 21/23 and para reg training are two completely different things.

    If your fit enough to be a para you'll be beasted through it and eventually pass if your commited enough.

    With 21/23, you won't get beasted (well a little!!) You may be fit enough and commited enough to pass, but if you can't perform to the standards they require you won't get accepted into the Regiment.

    Para Reg Training: (Not TA Para experience but reg)
    Need to be very Fit.
    Be willing to take the bullshit.
    As a private will not be required to lead (sometimes you are)
    Treated as a number!!
    You can just be one of the boys and not be noticed.
    etc. etc

    Need to be fit (same standard as Para)
    Be treated with respect from the staff (even the regs, never mind what rank)
    You need to show leadership.
    May be fit enough to pass Test Week, but that means nothing.
    They look at you as a person and soldier.
    You wont pass if you continuation if you cant perform as a soldier.
    One tip........never stop!
    etc. etc.

    I've done the both, passed P Company, but did't make it with 21 and was fit. If your thinking about 21/23, just try it, as it's hard to explain what it's like until you've been there and seen what it takes to pass.

    You'll get the ones on here taking the piss etc about going for it, but if you want to do it just take that first step and give you'r local Sqn a call, you may be suprised how welcoming they are. But be prepared to give up a year of your life, if you cant do that i'd seriously think of going for an infantry or some other unit.

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  13. Are you actually in a TA unit at the moment?

    Forget the Phys for a second.

    What you are talking about here are two different lifestyle choices.

    Should you carry on doing what you do in Civvy street and do UKSF (R) selection.


    Give up what you do in Civvy street and join the regular army.

    Only you know the answer, as only you know what you do in Civvy street, if you like it or not, if it gives you satisfaction. Whether you will miss your Mum, Missus, Mates, Dog/CAT etc.
    Do you have the desire to be a full time soldier so much so that you will go through arduous training to get there?

    I think this is what you need to figure out first.
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  14. Why not apply for the Parachute regiment in the regular army, then a few years down the line attempt SF selection for 22/SRR/SBS etc.?
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  15. If you have true commitment you will attempt the above.