23 sas pre selection training

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by orange_screech, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. hi all

    im having a crack at selection and the pre selection course starts in feb 07.
    i know i can pass the BPFA CFT and SF swimming test but i'm having problems with borom levels when running any further than 3 miles .

    any advice ?
  2. should be bordom levels
  3. you mean boredom??

    Perhaps if you get bored after three miles you will have a lot of trouble with selection and you try RLC maybe??
  4. Smell a walt here
  5. how many people can spell boredom wrong?
  6. yeah.

    1. Stop big timing it.
    2. Run faster.
  7. Just explain you find it boring and they'll let you miss the long tabs. I didn't like carrying weight in basic training so the DS let me do it without a bergan.
  8. sorry about the spelling.. can't let the gaffer see me on the net..
    1 i'm not big timing it i just wanted some honest advice.
    2 whats a walt.

    don't get me wrong i can keep going and going with the best of them but after 3 miles all i can think about is that i'm running and i've still got loads to go.

    has anyone got any advice on how to amuse/ entertain myself on long runs

  9. You've failed selection before even starting!!
  10. so have you got any advice
  11. I suggest that you vary your gait as you run.

    This approach seems to be very popular and is, I understand, the preferred SAS method of crossing open ground quickly.


    MODs, if I am breaching OPSEC here, please let me know.
  12. you got any advie then "fatslag"

  13. Try running over rough ground, the Black Mountains for instance, then use a map and compass to ensure you're on the right course and keep reminding yourself if you don't hit you're time you're binned, alternatively put your ipod on and turn up Kylie.
  14. makes sense thanks stroker
  15. get a mp3 player