23 SAS now recruiting for next course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jzoom, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. 23 SAS are you thinking of joining?
    Hi all,

    23 SAS are recruitng for the next course at this moment in time, direct civilian, TA and ex regular can apply, ages 18 - 32 for civilian and 18 - 34 with military service.

    You can applt to join 23 SAS as a direct civilian or apply for tranfer from any TA nuit, call the numbers below.

    Call 01213 868 224 office

    01213 868 007 recruitng and 24hr line

    Special Forces Soldier (Reserve) - British Army Website and apply online

  2. Please, please convince me this is a spoof!
  3. Of course it's a spoof, everyone knows that there's only one number for the SAS and it's Hereford 456.
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  4. Damn, I'm too old.
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  5. Lie about your age, who'll find out?
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  6. I heard you were never any good at point to point. My mate said they carried you the whole way......;-)

    To be honest the course is a piece of piss. It's getting the ******* trousers on that's a bastard

  7. Them ;-)
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  8. I'd need a short back bergan though, otherwise it might drag.
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  9. Just dont tell them about the asthma ----
  10. Follow my strict diet and excercise routine you'll soon be as tall as me. Need any pictures?
  11. No pics required thank you.

  12. Don't go all frigid on me now ill get a better camera.
  13. No sense of adventure? that's a fail then :)
  14. I can do the stare very well since the stroke.
  15. You'll be okay if your 1.5m run time is okay...So whats your 1.5m..........