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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bottle, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. Hello

    I'm considering doing reserve selection.
    I read that you shouldn't consider attempting selection without being able to run 10 miles in under an hour.

    Anyone here done selection, and be able to tell me (roughly) what fitness levels should you be doing before knocking on their door?

  2. Being able to kick start the Earth is a minimum.
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  3. I'm guessing if you need to ask, you're not fit enough.

    Just out of curiosity, why are you thinking of "doing reserve selection"?
  4. Getting bored of regular green reserve soldiering, that's why
  5. contact them and ask for a fitness training programme. Or use the search function.
  6. He's just asking, like. Rule 1: You can't be SF if you're a ******* whinging teenager knob-scratch. That's why!
  7. what is that supposed to mean? you don't know who i am, or what age
  8. Don't panic; I'm all over your PERSEC:

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  9. i believe the learned gentleman is referring to the fact that its normally some speccy 14 year old whos been playing too much call of duty that starts threads like these. I may be wrong of course, I often am
  10. well, i'm not14, but fair enough
    I'm a reserve Soldier and i'm getting pretty bored of the same weekends, I like my Unit but its becoming repetitive.
    p.s. Can't be done with the CoD mob, i don't play computer games at all
  11. To the OP:

    Have you ever watched "SAS: Are you tough enough?" IIRC the assortment of civillian wannabes were hand picked from 1,000 applicants to undergo SAS selection. Many were very fit people including marathon runners, tri-athletes and fell runners.

    Most failed to complete the course and only four survived to finish. I recall that none of the four would have technically passed SAS selection.
  12. Good practise is get a mate to drop you somewhere in the mountains you ain't been before, at about 0100 fri/sat morning and then run and walk until Sunday after noon without stopping.
  13. If you get easily bored and require external stimulus to keep you motivated then you might be heading in the wrong direction. (IMHO)
  14. Spoke to a few people about this, and none of them has said this. Interesting though, care to elaborate?
  15. You ask how fit?

    I thought I was fit, once. I was doing a lot of phys and, while I never considered reserve selection, it's good I didn't (speaking to those I know who did!).

    It's all about your mental state (assuming you are actually quite fit). How resilient & tough are you? Do you ever give up and think '**** it'? Do you need the encouragement of others? Etc.

    HTH. Good luck.