23 sas....again

If they have some of our staff and recruits are going to be well pissed off!
What are you talking about, they need to learn to improvise. Two plastic cups and a long piece of string is all they need for comms.
Plastic? What a luxury. In my day it was Nescafe tins, and we had to trim the lids to make them fit, and we had never heard of the SAS (and still haven't, if anyone asks).
you can not join directly unless you have prior service.
I'd like to question the accuracy of that... people have been saying for ages that you can go for SAS(R) directly from civvy street if your fitness is up to it.
As far as I was aware you can join from civy street seeing as there were people in that situation when we had to have our medicals done. As long as you meet the required standards which are obviously higher there's not an issue.

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