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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Stavinski, Jul 7, 2005.

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  1. Having had a quick read of some posts already up what is the actual role of the pioneers in war and peace. I was interested in joining them as an officer because of the possibilities of doing PCD and being in a corps with plenty of other varied posts. I understand they are all trained infantrymen who's main roles are static defence, minor building work and graves registration. Are these infantry skill put to use or is it all digging in and stagging on?

    Can anyone in the regiment fill me in (as to information, not to punish my impudence and lack of knowledge)??
  2. erm yes...the chunks like to think of themselves on a par with inf, but unfortunately they lack the kudos, cap-badge or battle honours to match.

    So expect a life of stagging on and grave digging...i'm sure they'll be a deluge of posts telling you the contrary, but that's the long-and-short of it i'm afraid.

    Furthermore, following your first tour you're then in the loggie melting pot for the plethora of other totally mediocre jobs and long courses, eg, postie, foodie, ammo site supervisor etc!

    Do yourself a favour mate and join the inf if that's where your interest lies.
  3. Im doing my BARB test this coming tuesday and the first choice on my App form is Pioneer followed by Infantry..From studying the army jobs website and speakin to the officer at my local AFCO when booking in for my test, i got the idea you are trained first and foremost as a fighting soldier seeing that the position involves additional training at Deepcut learning anti-tank,mine placement+demo,etc. I chose Pioneer so it would give me the chance to also learn a bit of basic bricklaying and carpentry and then also after a certain amount of time and training have the oppurtunity to apply for various commando,airbourne assaults squadrons.

    From what you have said mate i am now leaning towards infantry

    Can anyone back Goon_bde up?? iv only got 2 days to decide now after my mind was made up on Pioneer..i wish id came across this site at an earlier date.Gutted
  4. I came across some Pioneers while I was on Telic, all they did was stag on and guard POWs. Oh, and they nearly shot one of my mates with an ND...
  5. What do you mean by stagging mate??
  6. I will have to assume that you aren't fishing for a Wah...

    To stag on is to go on guard. The pioneers we had with us were mainly used as a perimeter guard force.
  7. you assumed right

    Thx for the info mate.

    Would you say i am making a bad choice if i continue my app for RLC Pioneer? You still get to do combat courses right?

    And what about the Engineers..my friend is going for bricklaying..is he making a good choice and would it be better for me to follow his choice rather than go for Pioneer?

    Sorry for all the questions mate but this is obviously a big decision i have to make
  8. First off I would like to say I have worked with Pioneers in Bos and they were top blokes and ran the best bar


    Of all the jobs to do in the army it is probably these most bone. What do they do ? Well ask a Pioneer and they will try and tell you they are some cross Infanteer/Engineer/Explosive Expert etc, ask anyone else what they do and they say "Dig graves"

    They are the infantry's lacky, they do all thier shiite jobs for them with zero glory. They guard the rear ech and then bury the dead and pick up the brass as they advance, yes they have a cool history, cool name and, with a little gloss, the whole laying mines bit sounds funky. But they ain't infantry, they ain't engineers, they are like some bastardo child from a drunken liason between a sapper and a infanteer that got chucked out in the bath water.

    What you need to think about is exactly WHY the ACIO bloke talked them up, if they were sooooo good then recruiting would be no bother.

    Now i am sure that some ex-pioneer will come on and slag us off saying we know feck alll, and you know what ? Maybe he will be right, but just try and find someone, anyone who served who will say "feck, Pioneers, wish I thought of doing that"
  9. Whats your views on bricklaying in the engineers Wellyhead?

    Now that you've totally put me off pioneer would you recommend bricklaying as a good choice? I would like to learn some kind of trade but still have the oppurtunity for combat training and maybe at a later date application for commando or airbourne assault squadrons

    Thanks for your help
  10. Speak to a sapper mate, I'm an ex-plank so they will probably slag me off, but there is a hell of a lot more the the ginger beers than brick laying