23 Pioneer Regiment in the press again!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by bombdoctor, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Daily Mirror Bit of a shocker! I mean surely you would not go back to your home town!!!?! Come on what was he thinking?? "Of course she won't see me in this sprawling metropolis Bicester!!" :frustrated:
  2. Ooooops he was only a Lance Jank when I was in.

    Silly man, fancy getting caught.

    Edited to add WTF did she go moaning straight to his Superiors "Cowbag"???
  3. She must have squeeled to the press as well!! Did not think she had it in her to do that!! Unless it was some 'mate' thinking they were being helpful.
  4. a woman scorned......
  5. What the Feck has it got to do with the MOD??? (unless there is more to the story)...

    If half the politicians in the Government can do it and get away with it.....

    Not saying what the guy did was right, but this meddling with double standards grips my sh1t...
  6. Don’t think it is really a News Worthy story myself. It happens so much all the time.

    It is just dragging down the Military again unnecessarily.

    Evil Cow Bag, Evil Press. Evil
  7. Have you noticed the press have been trying to dig up anything they can at the moment. Whats up with them at the moment??
  8. Er, they wouldn't be trying to sell a few more copies with somebody else's misfortune would they?
  9. Hi all. Just to let you all know that "The other woman", "Lover", "mistress" didn't have an inkling of what the hell was going on and she is an innocent party in this. A bit naïve on her part but, as some of you know this guy you'll understand, he can be quite devious in his methods and she is a woman in love an' all that crap. How do I know, well I'm the other womans husband. :( We've been separated since before they began so there's no story there before the gutter press latch on but I feel sorry for her and this plonker's wife and kids.
  10. technically nothing to do with mod, but service test applies ' bringing the army into disrepute'. doesn't really damage operational effectiveness other than his unit will have to deal with the press instead of other issues.
    stamford if this is the case my utmost sympathy to the lady.
  11. Thanks Monkey. I'd rather people know she was an innocent party to this before everyone jumps all over her, especially wives etc. I know she's gutted, feels used and is currently interviewing him without coffee, behind dannet wire, sandbagged to the hilt and gripping hold of GPMG with a steady finger on the trigger.
    Me, all I can say is READY, AIM, FIRE!! :clap:
  12. My sentiments exactly.
  13. Didn't Prezza get away with this Scot free? I'd even go as far to say that if the other woman and / or her husband isn't serving then it doesn't breach the service test. To say that it does because it creates undue worry and misappropriation of resources should mean that everyone who goes in front of the UWO should be booted out.
  14. A lot of them that do go in front of the UWO should be booted out for malingering!!!!
  15. Hi Ford_Prefect.

    To answer your question, yes I am still serving and a few years ago was in same Regiment with cheesedick in my Troop! How good does that sound. :?:
    Anyhoo, ex is still with him after all this blew up in her face, so not only is she gullable and niiave but utterly stupid! :slow: :roll: Never mind i'm in a happy relationship now, all I was trying to do was protect her. Women!