23 or 24?

i want to go to one of these regiments, but which one?

are certain people (body types/personalities more suited to one of the other?)

i've notced alot of 59ers are small, stocky, quiet blokes, and the airborne sappers are, on the whole taller lads and a bit more in your face.

all sensible responses appreciated
what about those that talk with a limp & walk with a lisp ????


If you decide on 24 it is possible to get the best of both worlds, as once you have passed the AACC and become established within the Unit ,then after a couple of years, having proved yourself, you can go to Recce Troop and do P-Coy as Cdo trained personnel .

Also, forget stereotypes ,as i can assure you there are plenty of 'in your face' guys in the regiment, LOL . The main thing is that in 59/24 you get treated as a big-boy and trusted to do your job and maintain the high standards and reputation of the Unit. I always felt valued and the troops were never f-ucked about for the sake of it as long as the work was up to scratch.

I spent 7 years in 59, from Spr to Cpl, and it absolutely flew by, wish i could turn the clock back and do it all again.


You need to take into account your strenghts fitness wise. The AACC will demand a lot more of you upper body wise and P Coy doesnt. However, you need to be able to TAB rapido or you will get binned in no time. If you feel strong do them both, it will put hairs on your chest (then the zinc oxide tape will rip them off) good luck either way!


P-coy is actually pretty good fun if you approach it with the right mindset, its just an all out, 3-week thrashing, basically. It is over in the blink of an eye , the Tests ,particularly Log and Stretcher races are lung-bursters, but are over pretty quickly and the pain soon passes. The 59 lads used to love going on P-coy, as they knew if they approached it with the right attitude they were going to pass, barring freak injuries. Other units in 3 Cdo Bde just rock up for a BPC and don't do P-coy.


23. Until 24 is fully formed, upon completing the commando course you will likely be posted out to a *ahem* hat regiment and wear the blue kebab despite having just earned your green. It's happened to several of my mates and they're pretty threaders. Regarding the courses, commando requires a decent amount of upper body strength for 30ft rope climbs and such like, be don't think you have to be arnie, it's more important to have a good strength to weight ratio, whereas for P-Coy you will have to tab at an ungodly speed. Also, a lot of the comando course is spent on exercise relearning soldiering skills the booty way. So if you dont like kit layouts and being cold and wet then the commando course is prob not for you. P-Coy is fast and furious and you're treated like a trained soldier, but it's very unforgiving. Miss a phys sess or drop too far back and your red carded. More than 2 and your binned. Hope this helps.
always found that it was more likely the 59 sqn lads that would go & have a bash at the para cse rather than the other way around once they had passed their chosen cse.

i hve known a few that have done both.

good luck whichever you choose.

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