23 engineer reg

hi, would like to join the RE when i am older and have just been told about 23 engineer regiment. are any of the lads on here part of this and what is the training like? do you do normal RE training and do P COMPANY on top of that?

thanks in advance. :)
From what I gather, the answer to your question is "yes", you have to attempt (and pass) P-Company in order to serve with 23. I think (though I might be wrong) that you do P-Company after you've completed your trade training. This is just what I worked out through reading various bit and pieces and might well be wrong lol, I'm sure someone a bit more knowledgable will be along shortly.
you can serve at 23 without having to wear the pink lid.


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DirtySanchez said:
Ah, I stand corrected! Cheers Knocker
no problems.

had the unenviable pleasure of serving with 51 before they moved.
My understanding is that you will wear the maroon beret regardless of being para trained as is the case with all 16X soldiers (AAC excepted of course).

Unless things have changed in the recent past 8O
The whole regiment along with 16AAB wear the maroon lid, and as things stand 61 and 12 sqn are Support and HQ sqns respectively with 51 and 9 sqn in the para role, although the regiment is aiming to become fully volunteer roled as soon as possible with everyone 'winged up'. As it stands volunteers are posted to either 51 or 9 sqn and after completing the regiments own conditioning course are given two attempts to pass P-Coy (including brigade beat up) before being posted out to another unit. (this is flexible if the volunteer is obviously capable but unlucky with injuries)
Volunteers will complete soldier, combat engineering and trade training before attempting P-Coy but in some cases the course may be attended directly from the B3 combat engineers course if the student has a long wait prior to commencing his (or her) trade training. In this instance he (or she) will be attached to the regiment as a SATT (Soldier Awaiting Trade Training) for the duration of the course and will wear thier blue beret.
you can be at 23, as i was for 3.5 years without ever attempting P-Company if it's not your thing and now the term HAT is used alot less as both para sqn's are realising they've spent so much time wanting to tab with the gimpy to look good that they've forgotten how to be good engineers...albeit fine whilst at 23 it shows you in up in the rest of the Corps.

i loved 23 as a whole, awesome inf exercises and excellent inf phase on the cadre however Woodbridge is fukin dog so ensure you have a car and can drive when you attend...
Im posted into 23 in about 6 weeks, can anyone enlighten me as to whats in the pipeline? Tours/exercises?
Well they've just come back from Herrick so don't expect too much to be happening straight away.
TG14 said:
Im posted into 23 in about 6 weeks, can anyone enlighten me as to whats in the pipeline? Tours/exercises?
lots of wearing fuchsia. 8O :wink: 8O :wink:
Ah yes, 23 Engr Regt! It is great, you can be an old fat useless git, P7 and still wear a pink lid! :D

9 Sqn love it, and each other :twisted: or has that changed now :wink:

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