23 days short of 10k Grant and half pension.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by johnnyclayton1978, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. I have just left the Army after 12 years but been informed that I won't be getting my half pension and resettlement grant as I have been told that I was 23 days short. I left the Army thinking that I had done the time to qualify, I also got resettlment training and termination leave as though I had done 12 years. Who in the right mind would leave 23 days before £10,000 and a half Pension? I am in a right mess, can anybody help me or put me in the direction of someone who can sort this out? Thanks
  2. Johnny, have you been in touch with the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency? Good luck with that mate, I was tempted to post "Try the Recruiting Office" but I bit my lip as I didn't know if you'd laugh or not.
  3. Contact the Forces Pension Society . The FPS exists to ensure that serving and retired members of the Armed Forces, their widows, widowers, surviving partners, civil partners and dependants receive the pension to which they are entitled and which they deserve. It is a not-for-profit organisation, and is independant from the MOD which gives them freedom to campaign objectively on behalf of members of the Armed Forces.
  4. I'm with Blunts on this. SPVA.
  5. Can I be pedantic and add something to this, it's not a half-pension you are getting anyway. It is a preserved pension paid for each day you have served, for the highest rank that you have held for at least 2 years in the last 5, so it doesn't magically get more if you have done 12 years, or 11 years 364 days.

    A preserved pension is a preserved pension !!

    Seriously though, you should have had your dates confirmed, as it runs from your pension date (18th birthday or date of starting training), not your attestation date, that will probably be where the shortfall is.

    Good luck, but in this current climate it is money saved for the MOD/Govt etc
  6. This happened to me after 22 years in the mob in 2008.At the click of a button i was discharged just under three weeks early for my pension and lump sum. In Portsmouth for the RN and I dear say for all three services there is a an entire department for sorting out just such things. Have you any friendly clerks in your old unit? If not start ringing round every department that deals with JPA, I will check tonight what their title was, they got it sorted for me. wait out as you green jobs would say!
    PS To get on to the military phone system just get the contact number for one of the big Naval bases and hold for the mod operator,dare say the army have some something similar for the garrison towns?
  7. I have been in touch with my old RCMO today. He has been in touch with manning records in Glasgow and it seems that they are going to get this sorted thanks god. They mentioned something along the lines of re-enlisting me for 3 weeks to take me to the correct amount of days. It seems this is not first time it has happened. I just hope they sort it ( and I think they will ) or I will be homeless!!!
  8. I fully understand what a preserved pension is but the missed 23 days effects it. I also don't get my 10k grant. This was a majot factor in me leaving the Army. That 10k was going to get me somewhere to live. If I don't get it, I will be homeless without a pot to piss in. I have been informed that my RCMO and HR Dept should of double checked my reckonable service. Hopefully this will get sorted.

    As for current climate, I don't think the Government/MOD will be trying to shaft service leavers at all. Money not worth saving if I went to a newspaper. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I think they will sort it.
  9. Sorry mate but I had to laugh, cos it didn't happen to me.
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  10. Are you saying that you had the same problem and it did not get sorted for you? Or are you laughing at the fact that I am about to become homeless and on the street if it does not get sorted?
  11. The latter one, but now you put it like that it isn't so funny. Still, at least it wasn't me.
  12. JohnnyClayton1978,

    Just how far do you think a poxy £10,000 will get you in civvy St anyway?

    You can't buy a house with that. It's not enough for a deposit. It'll just about last you 6 months if you're Very careful.

    Get back in there & complete the full 22 years. There's a recession out here matey. Not a good time to get out of a cushy job!
  13. £10k is enough for a sizeable deposit, if you don't mind living in the Rhondda. WARNING: May not suit English tossers and will definitely be unacceptable to Londoner English tossers...
  14. 10 grand will go a lot further than nothing. I have work lined up. I just need the money to secure deposit to rent a property and furnish it!!! And maybe a bit left over for a rainy day or emergency I left the Army for personal reasons and stayed for 12 for the 10 grand to assist transition to Civvy life!
  15. It's not all doom and gloom. At least as a tramp you can give blowjobs for money and cigs.