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My son is about to pass out at AFC(H) he is fingerscrossed going to 29 Commando. He has been allocated 23 Battery as have a few of the others from his intake. We have tried to find out about the battery but there seems to be little published about it. We would appreciate any info regarding what it does as there are no guns there. Is it a good place for a new gunner to start?

He is looking forward to it immensley and his head is in the right mind set for his AACC.
I understand your concerns about your sons future but he is at the moment a long way from being in 29 let alone 23 Bty. All he should be focusing on at the moment is Phase 2 training and doing loads of phys. Once he gets down south to start his All arms training he will then get a feel for the unit and can then decide on which trade he feels is for him. What i`m trying to say is that just because he has been told he is going to 23 Bty does`nt mean he will end up there, the Gun Bty`s will always be the priority for manning. IMHO he would benefit no end from spending a couple of years on the `Pig Iron` anyway. :D
Thank you for the advice. We are thinking positively and way to the future. Thats what he's been told to do- be confident! He has a PFT of 8.13 and even on his leave he is Tabbing (yomping) with his weighted bergen to ensure he keeps his phys up. The boys have been told that 29 is sending a PTi to Larkhill to ensure the boys retain their fitness levels so that they have the best shot at AACC. I have the letter from the regimental careers manager which states that if successful he will go to 23 Battery thats why I was hoping that anyone with a working knowledge of 23 could give some insight to the battery.
Like I said dont count on him going to specific Bty, let him do his trade training and then decide. (more likely told). He sounds as if he is doing all the right things just tell him to ignore all the pasty eating DS in Phase 2 training that`ll try and tell him to go to Germany as the money is great and cars cheap. Get your son to sign up to Armynet and then visit the 29 webpage that`ll give you all the info you need on all of 29`s Bty`s. 23 is a Headquarters Bty so no Guns/FST just Sigs, Met, and Logistics. :)
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