23 and a capt...and they think they know it all !!!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by whytry, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. 23 and a capt...and seems to think they know it all........why bother having cpls that have done 10-14 years , they dont take our good advice !we HAVE been there and DONE that.........get your spoty heads out of the clouds and learn b4 you make daft lardeedaa ideas...........seek advice sir/maam......that what we are for....
  2. No no. Officers are infallible. They are above the enlisted scum. You must not question their decisions. Don't you know anything?

    Blood pressure gone down a bit now? Breathe. It's not all hopeless. :)
  3. Duly noted! :D But seriously, most officers have the utmost respect for their NCOs. Maybe you've just been unlucky.
  4. unlucky is not the word i would use , thing is we get a new one every 6 to 9 months , great for CR reporting .. then its all back to square one ! head hits wall...again and again....im a cpl get me out of here
  5. 10+ years as a cpl? Having been there and done it does not seem to have convinced anyone that this 10+ year bloke is worth promoting - even if just to get him out of the NAAFI
  6. That's not the Scalies whinging again is it? If you don't like it , fcuk off out of it and get yourself a job with BT.
  7. Is 23 an exception? or is this the norm?

    I thought that some one joining as a direct entry officer would have done 2 years at college (16-18 years old)

    then gone to uni for at least three years (18-21 years old)

    then a year at sandhurst (22-23 years old)

    presented with 0ne pip (for a year( 24yrs))

    second after that year (25 yrs)

    and then a couple/few years after that, three of a kind!!!(27yrs+!!!)

    Is this way out???
  8. You are a disgrace to a fine Corps. Go and join BT, you pathetic urchin. And while you're at it, take all the other bleating unprofessional turds you seem to brought here with you.


    (I assume you have enough understanding of your 'trade' to know what 'Out' means.) :evil:
  9. What are you worried about?

    He is only a trunk node manager or something as fairy like. I have been reliably informed that only the Infantry command men - every other type of officer is just a manager.
  10. The whole business of university cadetships/bursaries screws the normal equation up. I knew a guy at Cranwell who was promoted to Flight Lieutenant whilst on Camp 2 (i.e. before he had graduated). Whatever the attitude to NCOs is, I do firmly believe that 23 is too young in peacetime but don't forget we had a 25 year old brigadier killed in his dugout on the Somme...and he was universally acknowledged to have earned the rank!
  11. Even if you do get the hell out you may just find yourself in a civy firm working for a 25 year old graduate manager..... but this tiime you won't have the on-the-job experience and you can't winge :wink:
  12. i see mr calypsos mistake , im not signals......so you fuuk off....the capt is though..have you never heard of loan service you dick...before you make a harsh remark , sit back and think things threw . prehaps you should have done that in the ACIO for a while longer...
  13. With grammar and spelling like that, I'm suprised you're not a General! :lol:
  14. whytry, I’m surprised you actually made Cpl with the discussional qualities you have so eloquently demonstrated here.
  15. Why post something which is in effect bitching about somebody else, if you aren't prepared to take the flak if people don't agree with you? What a dick! Seems to me that if you aren't Signals, they failed to point you in the right direction for you to reach your full potential, you bitch like one.

    If you posted to get sympathy... tough. If you posted to get respect... dream on. If you posted to get it off your chest.... hope it worked. 'Cos you haven't earned any points anywhere I can see. You've even got a colonial taking the pi55 for christ sake! Get out of your high-chair and start acting like an adult!