23 Airborne and diving specialist

Hi all,

Just passed out of Lichfield from phase 1.

Next is minley for combat engineering. I'm told that they will ask us if we want to specialise and wonder if someone on here could tell me if I can go for 23 airborne and be a diver?




War Hero
You can apply for 23 with a good chance of getting in (if you are fit and robust). You can't apply to be a diver at gib because attendance on the dive course is controlled by whatever unit you are posted to.

You will need to prove yourself at the unit, express an interest in diving, do the unit run pre-aptitude informal course, be put forwards for dive aptitude, pass that then get a place on the dive course.

In short, forget all about diving until you have been at your unit for about a year and proved yourself to be fit and motivated.

Enjoy your time at Gib, put the effort in and you will enjoy it. Behave like a c unt and you won't. Welcome to the Corps.
Bit off topic, but can you tell me what to expect at Minley, i.e topics in best book etc.... I would like to get a head start is all.


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