23 Air Assault Regt RE.

Good evening all.

I'm hopefully joining the Regular Army soon, and upon talking to people in the Army, ex-Servicemen etc, everyone speaks highly of the RE. Upon doing some research, I can see why, it seems a very interesting Corps to be in. I'd like to serve in an Airborne role with 16AA, and I'd just like a heads up on how to get posted to Colly and the process of putting your name forward for AA P Coy etc after basic trg. I've had a quick look on the website, but it's very dated and doesn't hold a great deal of info. So if somebody in the know could point me in the right direction I'd be very greatful.



Go ahead with your application to join the Corps. What trade are you looking at?

After Phase 1 training you will go to Minley to do combat engineer training (Phase 2). That is the time to register your interest.

Start work on fitness now. Building up the basic muscle and CV base will help you through both Phase 1 and 2 and beyond. BUT - train sensibly, warm up and down, wear decent shoes. Get used to covering ground in boots, but don't run distance in them. If you are motivated and fit, P Coy is straightforward (but pretty nasty!) but the thing that will take you down is injury.
Chimera, cheers for the quick reply.

The Carpenter and Joiner trade caught my eye (one reason being I assume they'd go on a lot of humanitarian trips to Africa et al building basic infrastructure and such like) as did the Plant Operator.

As for the training; I've done the TA Pre Para cadre so I know how to train and am used to tabbing, admin etc. And what you say about injury is true!
I am an ex 23 para trained PTI. As previously mentioned the best time to register interest is at minley. You will be accepted to attend the RE pre para without question. Although you may be posted to another unit on paper as long as you pass pre para and p coy you will serve with 23. any help needed just ask!!
Airbornestorm, thanks a lot for your reply, I was hoping to attract the attention of somebody who'd been there.

If a candidate was to successfully complete AA P Coy and the BPC and got posted to 23 Regt, would he be likely to be posted out to another non-Para trained unit somewhere else at some point, or could he stay where he was seeing as he'd done the hard part and chosen to serve in an Airborne role?

With regards to Minley, I've seen some non AB 9 Sqn guys (and girls) cutting about with Maroon lids; would you put in for pre-Para, and do the beat up in house at 16 AA?


Once in 23 Regt you will not necessarily stay there for your whole career (unless it is short!). The same applies to the Commando Regt (24) which is just forming up.
The general ruling as we speak is that you will serve two out of every three tours with 23. You will have to serve with a non airborne unit at some point.

With regards to the beat up etc. That is all done within 23. Once passed out of minley you will be placed into the pre para troop at woodbridge until the next course starts. They run quite often so you will not have to wait long. I will warn you though that the RE pre para beat up is quite hard!! That is why RE have the highest pass rate on P Coy. They will not send you until you are ready.
airbornestorm said:
The general ruling as we speak is that you will serve []two out of every three tours with 23[/]. You will have to serve with a non airborne unit at some point.
Ok, so does that mean that you'll leave for a tour of, for example, five years, and then be posted back?
airbornestorm said:
A typical tour is between two and three years. But yes, you will usually be posted back there after this time.
Ok, cheers for clearing that up, I didn't see it as very logical to put a guy through his P Coy and BPC only to post him to a non AB unit a couple of years later. Makes sense now.
nice to see some interest in the old reg...

i left late the year before last and my advice to you would to be shouting about going to 23. at the reg is two non-AB sqn who will have you happily hile you prepare...

also the C&J....not much to do, same old he cant do it has no xp have our one who does everything!!

and its not a civvi qual!! POM also do too many wagons for civvi street wheere you'll be competing against ppl that only use one bit of kit all of the time!!

Good luck and see you with the best belt around on...
What trades would you recommend that would see me in good stead for civ div then?

Cheers for the replies guys.
i'm a surveyor which in civvi street will earn me a small fortune however in the corps i can only do it week in week out in theatre at a design team/DCRE/STRE/Wks Gp so when i was at 23 i did squat so i had some fancy letters and bits of paper but again no experience....

Do a trade you can see yourself liking, from what i've heard the only trades good straight to civvi are design trades or driving however design work and airborne don't go unless you're designing summit to blow to shite or smash up in the bar!!

whatever you do do it because you want to, i know lots of people offered 30K jobs in civvi street however they hate survey and just wanna plod around firing rifles getting shouted at!

each to their own mate..

good luck though and all in all, join our Corps no matter what job you're doing....the best brotherhood around!
Construction materials tech is a good trade in civvy street, money isn't too bad. CET Flexitec and Weeks or contest melbourne weeks as it used to be know had no problems hiring ex RE chaps. Also anything to do with water is a good one for civvy street.
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