22nd Regt The Welsh Gunners

Just thought i would start a thread for all those who used to be part of this regiment leave a message if you were part of this Regiment

Which Bty you were with

When you were with them
i didnt put when i was there d'oh

35 Bty 98-06
wasnt in it but a few of our psi s came from there and i paid a couple of visits to them, had some good nights in sunny scunny
Once ''met'' a female Capt from 22ad a few years ago , she was a big ish lass , she played hooker and was also the female hockey officer . GOOD GIRL!!
troll said Capt was a troopy of mine VERY GOOD GIRL!!!!!!!!!
i dunno if he was pre 98 but he was 35 from 98 till he got out

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