225 Northern Ireland

hello, i am getting posted to Lisburn, Northern Ireland.225 squadron at the end of this year and I am having trouble finding much info on Thiepval Barracks and the surrounding area. So a few questions;
Whats the nightlife like?
Accommodation and camp facilities ( PAYD?)
Whats sports/adventure training opportunities like?
Any one know when 225 are next on tour?
And any general comments
Thank you :)
Night life in lisburn isnt the best but your about 10 minutes from belfast town centre the coach in Banbridge is a good night out just avoid the red areas which you should be breifed on. There is a tesco near by 5 minute walk, there is also bow street mall and the cinema and one of the best swimmers in northern ireland.Not sure about the camp though
Night life in Lisburn / Belfast .... who cares when you have 'The Strip' and the Naafi bop! Spent many a night there watching 'wives of' getting lagered up and makes complete arrses of themselves, and then trying to avoid the dogs (and handlers) when they are unleashed into the bars to get people out!

225 going on tour, are they not an operational unit still (ive lost touch, been out a few years and many a years since I was posted to 225)!
The strip's all gone now, I believe, and the night life in Lisburn is nothing now that the Down Royal's a pile of rubble.

Lisburn town's alright but nothing special. A fairly typical provincial British town really. Belfast's cracking on the piss but I wouldn't go alone until you know the area well enough to avoid the red areas.

Don't know anything about 225 though.
225 Sig Sqn is now the ECM Spt Sqn as far as I am aware, it's role is totally different to what it was when it was part of 15 Sig Regt.

If your posted to ECM Spt Sqn you are almost guaranteed to be going on tour not long after you arrive, and chances are you will complete multiple tours in your time there.
Aye, 225 is operational. You will defo get a tour under your belt probably within your first 12 months there. The Sqn has a very close ethos, a good bunch of guys doing a very worthwhile role.
i'm part of 10 sigs along with 225 albeit i'm in aldershot, not NI, 225 are the ECM guys, always on tour, from what i undrstand more often thsn most but not 6 monthers, if ur green and keen you'll be fine there, lots of PDT! guys i bump into on battlecamps and other regt activities seem to enjoy it
I have just left after 3 1/2 years at 225 Signal Squadron (ECM(FP)) - yes a bit of a mouthful!! and thoroughly enjoyed my time.

I managed 2 deployments of IRAQ and 3 of Afghan (not 6 monthers) in my time and would go back their tomorrow.

Feel free to PM me KTC1 for any info as its prob not appropriate to say too much on here due to role and location, but Poison Dwarf is spot on in that a close 'one in all in' atmosphere is promoted throughout.

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