223 Signal Troop (Radio), Winchester

Any ex- Sigs who served at 223 Signal Squadron (Radio) Bushfield Camp during the early 1970s? 8O

Remeber the SSM who boasted about travelling in a 'Hoover Craft'!! Then there was the Civilian driver called 'Jersey Joe' who lived on camp in one of the old disused hutments.....?

Happy Days.... or What...

The Fishing Trips out at sea off the Isle of White. The 'Bell' Public house just down the road going back into Winchester. All those other pubs that the lads used to hang around in...
Was there in 1969 but just for 6 months. Was posted there as I waa married and, being under 21, couldn't take the missus abroad as you couldn't get a quarter. They changed the rules that year and was posted to Cyprus hence the short visit. Memories of Flowerdown? Not many but do remember the Bell. Also the horrible spider blocks which, I think, were due to be pulled down that year.
Mentioning the old wooden Spyder Blocks... well that reminds of an inspection we had on camp after many of the single live-in lads complained about the rickety nature of those hutments. This was in 1971 when I was there. We had this inspection because one of the Spyder Blocks had small trees growing through the walls. The inspecting team were quite convinced we had places bits of tree in various cracks as a means to have the accommodation down-graded so we did not have to pay so much 'Bed-space rent'!!

Well, the upshot of the inspection was that that indeed there were trees and bushes growing through some of the walls of the barrack block. In some cases you could actually see daylight between the wood planking. Bushfield Camp had been built, so I understood, for additional military accomodations during World War 1. The actual camp had been delerict and empty for some years after the last National Service Squaddies had used the place in the early 1960s. It had actually been condemned, but the MoD in its wisdon took it over and slaped some paint and few more cosmetic 'fix-ups' on it before 223 Sig Squadron moved in in the late 1960s.

We did get our Accomodation downgraded, and we ended up not having to pay the standard rate of Single men's Accomodation charges. Another bit of a dump on the camp was the old NAFFI block. It just had the bare essentials in it. It even had a Junior NCo's Club and Bar, but it was rarely used. Most folks went down into Winchester for a night out most nights....

I've had many a 'Brahms and Litz' time staggerring up the old Southhampton Road from the 'Bell' and the town centre pubs to get back to Camp after the missing the last bus. :p

...Yep. the other memories of working in the Radio Compound at Flowerdown and the morning sessions of burning the Confidential Waste after each night shift. I also still remember the 3 or 4 Civilian Security Guards based there, inlcuding 'Jock', who wasn't a Scot but had served in the Black Watch during the WW2 and had picked up a distinctive Scots accent. I beleive that he was a Hampshire lad. 8)

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