223 for rabbits.

Is a CZ in 223 good enough to connect with rabbits out to 200 yards given a suitable scope and shooter? I know people talk about "fox at 400 yards" and all but I'm frankly sceptical, field shooting is quite different to the range!

Most seem to be in 1:12 twist so are not suited to bullets over 55 grains although that is plenty for rabbit.

I've got a space for a .223, not a great deal of money but have been offerred some rabbit shooting that will need more range than is sensible with a rimfire. (I could always use the TRG 22 I suppose.... :omfg: )
dont know about the rebarrel but i regularly get rabbits at 200 yrds with my tikka 595 ( 50grn hornady a max homeloads) off the bonnet of the lightweight.
Yes, but you have to be careful with the shot placement otherwise it's more or less instant rabbit soup. This one at a touch over 150m with 45gr hollow point. Despite pretty much removing his head he managed to take a few paces and was found in the ditch some distance from where he was when I got him.

But it's an expensive way to do it, you'd go broke before solving your bunny problem.



Mark The Convict

Is this for pest control only, or do you want to use the carcass? Popular local longer range bunny bashing calibres are .17 Remington, .222, 22/250, lately .204 Ruger and especially .220 Swift.

Your .223 @ 200 yd scenario seems perfectly feasible, I don't see why not (although as stated, it would ruin both pelt and meat, unless you're consistently accurate enough for headshots)
In my opinion, as usual the most important component is the nut behind the butt. I know how "good" I am with a rested No.4T at a Fig. 12 at 200 yards and so I tend engage bunnies at (MUCH) shorter ranges.
I always carry a calibre suitable for pig, so if I don't happen to have my drilling to hand, fitted with the 5.6 x 50 magnum barrel insert, any Bunny, Fox, stoat, Martin, Polecat, Racoon, Weasel dog, feral cat or jogger who is stupid enough to raise it's head above the parapet, is likely to get hit with either 7 x 64, 7 x 65R, .308 Win, 8 x 68S or .375 H&H Mag depending on my mood.

With the exception of the 8mm and the .375, the carcasses are usually not too badly mangled and the meat is useable, in the small body of a rabbit a larger high velocity round doesn't have a chance to expand. I've seen heavier damage with hollow nosed .222 Rem. With the fast middle weight (10g Blaser CDP) 7mm rounds I like to use for roe together with a big pig glass, a bunny head shot at 200m is quite routine (just aim 3.5 cm high). A running fox at 200 meters is far more respectable....
I would say yes, as the septics take ground hogs with AR15's out at that range and further. You could look on "exploding varmints" website. Once you turn the sound down and get past the red neck crud, they have load data. Also AR15.com have a reloading section that might help find the right load for your rifle.

223 for Rabbits Ex Stab you must really hate them, But used to use them to check zero with my 223 so crack on and enjoy your self BTW if you need a reloading set give me a shout.


I have taken rabbits at 150 with a 1 in 12 twist Ruger 77 HBVT Mk11 and its superb in the 55 grain bullets but the bullet drop at 200 yards is quite something. I seem to recall 55 grains at 3200 fps dropping 16 inches at 350 yards. Still took at fox cleanly with 1 shot at that distance though!

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