2200 troops being posted to Germany

On Monday 31 Jan 06 t was announced that 4 Armd Bde would be returning to Catterick in 2009.

It was also announced that 2200 British troops would be posted to Germany as part of 7 and 20 Armd Bdes.

Does anyone know which units will be posted to Germany and were they will be based ???
Most units in Osnabruck/Munster will be going to Catterick, but the QDG will be staying in Germany as will 1 Med Regt.

8 Tpt Regt RLC will be moving to Germany along with 2 Royal Anglian and 1 YORKS (once formed). In addition there will be 601 new individual posts in Germany.

There will still be British troops in Osnabruck but in much reduced numbers. Still a sad day but not quite as bad as some of us thought it would be...

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